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While I always relish the opportunity to post more videos, this pair is different. You see, while I’ve never claimed to be the best at Assassin’s Creed multiplayer, I do personally pride myself in adaptability. And on the rare occasion I get my ass handed to me by a superior adversary online, I find nothing is more satisfying than collecting my thoughts, thinking about my mistakes, and coming back for revenge.

In Assassin’s Creed Revelations Deathmatch Lesson 2, I run into a player whose timing and game sense are impeccable. He trounces not only me, but also all the other players.

After taking a minute to recollect myself, I focus on new strategies that focus on luring opponents to me (instead of the inverse), forcing him into unprofitable kills, and wasting the time of my pursuers while I wait for ability recharges. We all lose, but in Assassin’s Creed Revelations Deathmatch Lesson 3, I demonstrate how a patient mind and a careful plan can triumph over adversity.

Right before stabbing it in the throat.


Assassin’s Creed Revelations Deathmatch Lesson 2 – Failure


Assassin’s Creed Revelations Deathmatch Lesson 3 – Comeback

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  1. Hey dude you really are a good player so I would like to know your abilitiy sets or your tips on ability sets :)

  2. I would actually like to see out of you more team-related strategy. Surely, there’s the Brotherhood video, but not much else.
    Could you help me solve practical problems? For instance, how am I gonna stop those big mean motherhubbards, I mean, teammates, from poaching my perfect incognito hidden kill? Since the target will have been revelated (ha ha! I is using intentional misconjugation for lols!11!elebunty!) by then, splitting targets won’t help.
    And, when it’s just better to ragequit and find another game. Like, being 2:3 or even worse in Manhunt. It can go somewhat fine if you’re hunters, but if you’re the targets, you always want to have at least an equal amount of people.

      • You have succeeded.
        As I read it, he says that you were bad in the game (despite roflstomping even the guy above you in prestige). He also incorrectly guessed your sexuality (SUCCESS!) and blames you for using Poison and Smoke Bomb (Which is only cheesy if you’re playing Assassinate).
        Also, your score is supposed to be terribly low.
        In the end, he challenges you to add him as a friend with the female dog-compliment.

        I would recommend adding and then roflstomping him in 10 games in a row.

  3. Alright, I am brand new to your website as of today, and when I’m sitting here watching your videos… all I can do is sit here and nod my head, because we have almost identical playing style. Simply amazing.

  4. Oh, and I say a lot of the same stuff that you do in your commentary, haha. This game is absolutely phenomenal, and it is awesome to see someone who appreciates this game as much as I do…and crack out to it as well. My apologies, dear sir, for the double comment, I pressed submit before I was done.

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