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Quite a few people watching my Assassin’s Creed Revelations multiplayer videos have been asking me to post some information about the ability sets I use, and what better medium than this pretentiously aptly named web site?

Instead of dumping all my Revelations ability sets into one post, I’d prefer to take the time to not only list what I use, but explain why. I’m also going to offer suggestions for alternatives and additional considerations.

Got a better suggestion? Lay it on me in the comments below. Otherwise, just shut up and enjoy.


Ability set context overview – Deathmatch gameplay

For the uninitiated, the Deathmatch gameplay mode in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is probably how most people believe Wanted works before they’ve actually played the game. Each player chooses a unique persona, is dropped into a relatively small area, and given contracts on the heads of other players. Unlike in Wanted, there are no natural duplicates of player-controlled personas, and each Templar agent receives no indication of where they’ll find their victim-to-be.

Essentially, the entire system relies on your ability to keenly observe your target among the dozens of other characters roaming around. You’ll rely almost completely on eyesight, though proximity and line of sight indicators help you hone in once you’re relatively close. Although there aren’t clones by default, you must be perceptive of potential ruses like Disguised targets.


Ability #1: Smoke Bomb

I’ve said it many times, and I doubt any other players would argue there’s a skill as powerful and as versatile as Smoke Bomb. Hell, it was already the best ability in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and Ubisoft decided to make it better by giving players the ability to throw it.

The most obvious use of Smoke Bomb is to drop it when a pursuer/suspected pursuer is near, protecting you from death and giving you a free stun. Smoke Bomb can also be used to hold your target still, allowing you to set up a Focus Bonus, Aerial Bonus, Hidden Bonus, or whatever else you can manage in your 3-4 second window.

Since Smoke Bomb can now be thrown (hold the ability button down and use your movement control to aim), it can also be used in a variety of other circumstances. You can throw a Smoke Bomb at a pursuer you suspect is about to Mute/Hidden Gun/Smoke Bomb you. You can slow down a target from across the map. The point is, Smoke Bomb is so good there isn’t a reason not to use it, especially on small maps with little roof-running.


Ability #2: Throwing Knives

While I’ve ragged on Throwing Knives in the past, many commenters pointed out that in Revelations, the ability’s power has been greatly expanded. Upon completing my own experiments, I now understand it to be a highly versatile skill.

The most obvious use for Throwing Knives is to cause opponents who are climbing a wall or balancing on an overhang to fall, making for an easy kill, stun, or escape. What I didn’t know until recently is that during the duration of Throwing Knives, your victim’s stun and kill radius is greatly decreased. You won’t gain an edge at point blank range, but a foe crippled by these knives can be executed or knocked out from about 3 feet away while they’re helpless to stop you or score a Contested Kill/Honorable Death.

This essentially guarantees Silent+ bonuses on contracts (since your kills can’t be contested), and guarantees stuns, providing you can identify your pursuer correctly. The short cooldown and additional ability to knock would-be climbers from their perches make it an all-around winning skill for a free-for-all game mode like Deathmatch.


Perk #1: Blender

The biggest threat to a player in Deathmatch is that you’re on your own with absolutely no lookalike NPCs to take the fall for you. Luckily, Blender can produce them automatically without using up a skill slot. In addition to forcing opponents to use abilities/spend time/appear obvious in order to oust you, Blender can throw off your targets. Since they know who the 3-7 other Templar are, they’re more likely to be wary of you approaching by yourself – but if they don’t know who you are within a moving crowd, stunning you might not be so easy.


Perk #2: Overall Cooldowns

In general, this is my favorite perk, since it makes your all-too-important multiplayer abilities available more often, from 11% to 19% more frequently. It’s always advantageous to have your skills usable a little sooner, especially in dog-eat-dog games where you could go from hunter to hunted at any moment. Keep in mind that Overall Cooldowns offers a straight cooldown reduction, so it’s more powerful with abilities that already have shorter recharge times.


Win Streak: +250 3-streak (silent)

Deathmatch is a much more slowly paced game than Assassinate or Manhunt, so getting Silent/Incognito kills is much easier. Hell, sometimes it takes you so long to physically view your contracted victim, you’ve already filled your meter before you were aware where he or she was! Keep in mind that you can always use Smoke Bomb to buy you a few seconds in case you approach a target at just under the Silent bonus. And remember: since all streaks now include stuns and you have two abilities equipped that enable easier face-punching, scoring this bonus frequently should be no problem. If you feel ambitious you can try the +550 5-streak (silent) or Animus Hack 7-streak (silent) bonus, but those are all larger gambles.


Loss Streak: Score x2

The score doubler is almost always the best free-for-all loss streak choice, since it is the only one capable of getting you back in the running for a podium spot with just one kill. With a well-timed Incognito, Focused, Kill Streak murder, you can easily score over 2,000 points. If you can’t make a difference from there, you needed more than a loss streak bonus to help your sorry ass out.


Other considerations

While this profile has worked well for me, I’ve seen other players put several other combinations to good use. Disguise can lead to easy stuns against players who aren’t prepared, though I personally find the lack of offensive power makes it a tough tradeoff. Poison, as always, is great for boosting your score and getting variety bonuses. Hell, even the Hidden Gun can grant two types of bonus (though selecting it would warrant switching out the silent-only kill streak). Mute and Charge are always strong contenders for secondary defensive skills, and Mute in particular is perfect for shutting down high-level players who you suspect are holding a Smoke Bomb with your name on it. Finally, Decoy, Morph and Bodyguard can throw off pursuers, though whether or not they work is pretty much a matter of luck.

As far as perks go, being able to preserve part of your momentum with Kill Buffer is great if you want to use a 5+ streak. Sentry and Hot Pursuit could give you an edge during tense stalking sessions, while Resistance and Resilience can protect you from unforeseen circumstances. Fast Getaway is useless (since there are no chases in Deathmatch) and Enhance Autobash remains the most useless perk/icon/thing in Assassin’s Creed Revelations multiplayer, period.

Kill streaks are all trades-off of risk versus reward, and while you can choose any kill streak you want, the Animus Hacks usually don’t pay off. Yes, they’re more powerful in Deathmatch than any other mode (since you can easily tell who the real players are and the map is small enough that you can see all of them), but it usually only nets 3-4 kills. That’s only 400 points, and you’d get 550 points if you took the easier-to-achieve 5-streak (silent) option instead. As far as failure goes, I can’t recommend a loss streak other than the score doubler. Almost every other loss bonus will grant you, at best, 200 extra points for a stun or a slightly better kill bonus (from your increased awareness), yet Score x2 can grant you thousands of points instantly.

So, what do you use in Deathmatch gameplay, and why? I’m genuinely interested in knowing, so spill the fucking beans.


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36 replies to this post
  1. I tend to use Poison/Smoke/Blender/Overall Cool downs/Score x2/Silent Streak250
    only recently I’ve noticed the stun/kill range after being knifed and it’s a pain in the arse, only thing with knives is when they drop a bomb in defense
    but poison also has it’s drawbacks, it’s VERY hard to get someone to choke on it without getting stunned
    everything else was chosen for the same reasons you’ve chosen them

  2. This game is amusing. Somehow, everything is more or less balanced (except for sprint boost and not-duration crafted TV. Never get those!).
    I’m at lvl 15 right now and whenever I think something is bad, I just give it a go and tada, it does have its uses. Wonderful, really.
    Even simple deathmatch, for those in the “Knows his way but isn’t 50 yet” area. You would think it sucks and resorts in a roof dancing party, yet somehow I pull off 5k sessions with few deaths and Greater Variety. Unless that mode is played on Knights Hospital. God, fuck this map. Not that I would be mad about the one roof seeing and being in kill range of everything, as I am the main person utilising it, but it just does not feel right getting my Mass Murderer yet again because of that one roof.

    Well, the article is fairly much for those that already can unlock all the things listed. But how about making a handy little pocket guide about what you think of each skill and perk and streak, taking into consideration different levels of play and when you unlock them?

  3. I love using smoke bomb and poison in brotherhood; im not high level enough yet in revelations but ill get there. and i believe the best perks are blender nd cooldown, just like wingspantt. :D love revelations and thee coolest persona has got to be the sentinel or renegade!

  4. Enhance Autobash – I will never understand why it exists.

    This was a great read! Can’t wait for the ‘Wanted’ Edition :).

  5. WingspanTT the only problem with knives in death match is there is not as much climbing and more of a greater chance of using poison (You can also craft to have greater points) and smoke bomb in a way can act like throwing knives.

  6. So if I wanted to use throwing knives for a stun, I should try not to run right into them? Also, would it be better to craft for less cooldown, longer effect, or one for both?

    • Exactly. Use the knives, give them about 1/2 second to kick in. Run up to about 5 feet from them, then fast-walk forward while spamming stun. You still stun at around the 4 foot range, though if you get closer they can kill you within about 3 feet.

  7. I have been playing for a while now and just recently i have experienced an effect from my target. While i was moving towards them (once chasing in deathmatch and the other just fast walking behind) i seem to, at some point enter this perimeter and a green bubble surrounds me and they stun me. What is that ability? I have gotten stun before but i have never seen that bubble thing and i have seen it on players lvl 40+. Also the animus tips you that direct confrontation leads to honorable death . I had targets turn around wait for me and still stun me, while i have tried doing the same and just keep getting honorable death(and i was spamming the stun button like my life depended on it)

    • You should use an ability or walk around a corner, wait for your pursuer to come around and surprise them. Honorable deaths occur when both the kill and the stun are initiated at the same time, though kill appears to have that ~1 second advantage during the positioning. If you always get stunned, as with killed, use an ability to counter it or try to surprise your target.
      Or just stab a civilian if you can’t reach your target with a worthy kill.

  8. I go with:
    Ability #1: Templar Vision (Crafted 2/2 in ‘Cooldown’)
    Ability #2: Mute (Crafted 2/2 in ‘Cooldown’)

    Perk #1: Blender
    Perk #2: Overall Cooldowns

    Win Streak: 3 Streak +250 (Silent)
    Loss Streak: Revelations (I have been swayed by your argument for ‘x2 Bonus’, so I’m getting it when I get the credits).

    I’m not calling myself best of the best, but I’m usually 1st or 2nd. And because I do get to 1st place very quickly, you get several pursuers on you the whole time. This is where my “Overall Cooldowns” and the crafted cooldown reduction help a lot. Meaning while blended (If going for a target just isn’t worth it, due to many persuers), I’ll always have mute, and templar vision ready to locate targets. I use templar, because when you verse good players, they don’t make mistakes; they act like an AI, and very hard to spot until it’s too late. Although you light up, most likely they know which one you are already, or you want to lure them. In which case, Mute shuts them down. The range is great, and the only time it hasn’t worked for me, is if they have that perk that reduces effects of any ability.

    • Thanks for posting, Jarod. Sounds interesting though honestly I think Templar Vision is kind of a waste in Deathmatch. Why not use Firecrackers or Charge instead?

      Charge can be used for defense and prevents contested kills, while Firecrackers has a very low cooldown and can annoy the hell out of pursuers.

      • I have seen that Firecrackers now DOES seem to counter out locks. That makes them much more useful than in Manhunt, as it now gives you a near second where they’re too surprised and blinded to see you to stun/run. Maybe leave back a morphed crowd.
        They also appear to not only blind you, but also disable your hud for longer than it takes the blinding effect to go down enough to stab some people, so the Crowd thingy wouldn’t be all that bad.

        Charge is a wonderful skill. Morph? Disguise? Blender? Anything but Knives or your own charge? Nope, Charge Testa.

        Also, you could probably use Charge as a low-cooldown defensive skill that’s hard to counter and thus have the second slot free for whatever you want.

  9. It kinda depends. Templar Vision is useless against players who think sprinting around the map, is “subtle”.

    But it amazed me how useful it was against those kind of players who act exactly how an AI does.

    I’m still testing Templar Vision / Mute, but I also use Smoke Bomb / Mute on occasion. This second ability combo is just spectacular when you’re versing, excuse my bluntness, noobs. :D

    It is also great when you’re in one of those games where you’re not given any targets, only people coming after you. In these situations, I just blend into a stationary group in a fairly open space. Only yesterday I got 1st place with just stuns, as the system gave me no targets, with a k/d of 0 – 0. :P

    I haven’t tested this combo too much against good players, but I’ve been so busy with work, and such, so I haven’t gotten a chance. Also, the few times I have tried it, worked okay, but I dunno.

    Love your vids/guides btw, only found them today. :D
    I was starting to think there were no coordinated people who would string together a guide, so I could get a second opinion. xD

  10. How would one become a writer for this site? I wouldn’t need pay but I would like to do it as a hobby. Mostly AC content probably unless a copy of MW3 teleports into my hand.

  11. I can’t smoke bomb. Maybe it’ll keep me from becoming a competitive(lol) player, but I just can’t bring myself to inflict a smoke bomb on another human being. Golden Rule or something.

    I use Decoy/Morph, play really passively, with half my points in any given game from lures.

    • I used to be like you. But then I punched my Pursuer in the face.
      Why not try somethign like Mute/Charge? Stuns really are the fastest and most rewarding way of getting rid of your pursuers.

      • I totally agree with you! It gets really exciting when you start to hear the whispers and predict who’s on your tail. Getting to inflict the circle button on your pursuers is the best feeling ever!

        Punch all the pursuers!

  12. My Sneaky Build !!!

    Ability #1: Disguise (Crafted 2/2 in ‘Cooldown’)
    Ability #2: Smoke Bomb(Crafted 2/2 in ‘Cooldown’)
    Perk #1: Blender
    Perk #2: Overall Cooldowns
    Win Streak: 3 Streak +250 (Silent)
    Loss Streak: x2 Bonus

    Thanks for the guide you’re indeed a master!

    So far the highest I got is 7800 pts. I was so proud until I watched a youtube clip someone getting 10k points. :/

    What I noticed is you can get a lot more points if you manage to die less coz dying animation takes up to ~3 seconds. Getting to stun all the players lets u do this, so I tried mute but the cooldown is not worth it. Disguise gets you to stun/kill/search the map for targets. Max cooldown coz duration is useless once you already kill/stun the poor fellow.

    Smokebomb is the best with max cooldown, but now i’m thinking putting one in duration is more efficient, coz it’s really annoying when you smoke bomb two players but has only enough time to only stun/kill one.

  13. I too crafted Smoke Bomb with one pont in Duration and one in Range.

    Range is self-explanatory really – gives more lenience, leads to more people walking *in* to the smoke.

    Duration to help with double-stuns and the all important Focus bonus (Apothecary, here!)

  14. First of all, I just started folowing you and I must admit that you’re quit a good references in ACR!

    One comments pop in me head about disguise and I want to know your opinion about it:

    Disguise can easily take you to have the bonus focus if you blend in the same crowd that your target. Isn’ t that has good offensive to power?

  15. My 2 cents:

    Disguise (2/2 in Duration)

    Smoke Bomb (2/2 Duration)

    Blender (Obviously)

    Overall Cooldowns (Obviously)

    3 Silent +250 (Don’t want to trade out one of my other perks for Kill buffer and run a different one)

    Score x2

    The only time I use Throwing knives is on Mt. St. Shithole as it has been named by me and my friends, Ubisoft Do you no see the problem with having a huge wire above the main part of the map?

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