Home Strategy Tactical Thursday: More WTFs and some CS strategies!

With WiNG busy shopping for last-minute Christmas gifts, yours truly was once again able to successfully infiltrate his mighty fortress.

Thanks to the spare key I cut from my last adventure, I was able to discover more goodies the evil dictator has secured (or so he thought).

We have our latest Battlefield 3 WTFs from the beloved PixelEnemy (my personal favourite was the underwater tank, towards the last 2-3 minutes of the video):

And this time I’ve thrown in a CS 1.6 playbook video of SK Gaming playing aggressively on de_nuke:

The recent (closed) beta launch of CS: GO lead me to think it would be fitting to re-examine some of the Top Tier Tactics that are currently utilized by one of the best professional CS teams, but let me know whether you guys want more of this in the future!

Oh shit, I hear something… I better get going, lest the one who must not be named finds me and re-buries his secrets once more… until next week, peace out!

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