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This is just a quick update so I won’t spend too much time on masturbatory intro lingo. I’ve gotten a few questions on my YouTube channel about a few aspects of Revelations, so I decided to compile my thoughts into one short video.

Get answers to such interest-piquing questions as:

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  1. I think I saw you comment somewhere about the Mediterranean Travelers Pack (2 DLC pack) that it is $9.99. This is the price of Gamestop, but the ACR wiki has it at $3.99. It also seems to bring back some of the best ACBH maps (like Siena) and new ones (like Jerusalem). In my opinion I think this one is worth the money and I guess we just wait and see what the final content is.

    PS, I cannot believe you looked at eh Gamestop price and believed it. You must be turning into a Gamestop Jester.

  2. sadly, cause i cant think of a better way to spend around $4 of my money i may get the pack just for the gladiator cause he looks kinda cool or wait for the map pack. its all up in the air and potentially full of poison.

  3. So that pack costs actual 4 dollars?
    Like, that would be 3.20 in my currency. However, on europe steam, it costs 4 euros. So in my currency, about 5 moneys.
    That is 1.80 (2.25$) lost through simply using dollar-euro 1:1 like Blizzard does.
    Anybody see my point? Ubisoft comes right after EA in evilness now. Although at least Ubisoft makes decent games (<3 Rayman) with the baby juice they squeeze out of your firstborn.

  4. i think the second DLC is worth the money even if its 10$
    becouse not only san donato,sienna and more acb maps are coming back but also jerusalem and dyres(new)
    plus, they are giving more multi characteres like the papal guard from the single player of ACB and another one that is yet unkown.

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