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Hydramarine of the Wizard of the Coasts message board sniffed through the Xbox 360 game code of Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 to find the lists of what we can assume are the next two decks to hit the game.

I don’t know if Stainless honestly expects people won’t find these cards listed in the depths of the Magic game, but the spoilers seem to have no end for this digital distribution title.

As with the last DLC, there will be two new decks, most likely for the same $4 price tag. Let’s look at what’s in store for Planeswalkers everywhere.

Beknighted is a (predictably) knight-based mono-white weenie deck featuring a large number of powerful two- and three-mana drops. Looks pretty ferocious, honestly!

Trinity of Elements brings red, blue, and green together to summon Captain Planet throw a variety of threats and CIP effects at one’s opponent. Could be fun, though the blue splash cards seem superfluous to me.


Beknighted Deck List and Unlocks

2 x Lionheart Maverick
2 x Youthful Knight
2 x Accorder Paladin
2 x Benalish Cavalry
1 x Leonin Skyhunter
2 x Benalish Knight
1 x Knight Exemplar
1 x Kemba’s Skyguard
1 x Knight Of Dawn
2 x Zhalfirin Commander
2 x Benalish Lancer
1 x Kinsbaile Cavalier
2 x Alaborn Cavalier
1 x Cloud Crusader
2 x Plover Knights
2 x Iona’s Judgment
1 x Windborne Charge
2 x Smite The Monstrous
1 x Righteousness
1 x Marshal’s Anthem
1 x Greatsword
1 x Swiftfoot Boots
2 x Moment Of Heroism
1 x Armored Ascension

2 x Knight Exemplar
1 x Kinsbaile Cavalier
1 x Sword Of Vengeance
2 x Paladin En-vec
1 x White Knight
1 x Silver Knight
2 x Spectral Rider
2 x Knight Of Meadowgrain
2 x Mirran Crusader
1 x Noble Purpose
1 x Hold The Line
1 x Serra’s Embrace
1 x Mass Calcify
2 x Knight of The White Orchid


Trinity of Elements Deck List and Unlocks

3x Hellspark Elemental
3x Rip-clan Crasher
3x Primal Forcemage
2x Man-o’-War
2x Farhaven Elf
2x Vulshok Berserker
1x Raging Kavu
1x Rakka Mar
2x Blitz Hellion
1x Gaea’s Revenge
2x Fires Of Yavimaya
3x Cultivate
2x Divination
2x Regress
2x Ronin Warclub
3x Rampant Growth
1x Pandemonium
3x Evolving Wilds

1x Primordial Sage
3x Essence Warden
2x Bloodbraid Elf
1x Simic Sky Swallower
2x Sentinels Of Glen Elendra
1x Ronin Warclub
1x Hornet Cannon
1x Riku Of Two Reflections
2x Jungle Barrier
1x Warstorm Surge
1x Thundermare
2x Strength In Numbers
1x Rites Of Flourishing
1x Gigantomancer

Many thanks to Hydramarine for finding these data!

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