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Hey everyone, looks like I have (or always had) a copy of the Amazon-exclusive, Ezio-equippable, Altair costume for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.*

It’s basically a single player skin, but it’s a badass skin that’s a welcome change from the 80-pound armor Ezio normally uses to “blend in” with the crowds of Constantinople.

What do you have to do to win? It’s simple, really:

Funniest prediction about E3 2012 wins.

Essentially, just use the comments below to describe (in some level of hyperbole) what the best or worst case scenario is for this year’s E3. Something about the Xbox 1080, or Playstation 4? Will Miyamoto jump out of a birthday cake? Guess away!

Is this a bit random? Sure. But who cares? I’m giving out free stuff! I’ll pick a winner at the end of tomorrow.

Update: mellifluousMastermind wins!

Congratulations to mellifluousMastermind for his winning entry, and thanks everyone for reading and entering!

* Please excuse the length of that list.


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  1. “Based upon the massive success of our latest entry in the franchise, we’re proud to announce the MMO you’ve all been waiting for: Duke Nukem Online!”

    Hey, you never know..

    Also, I don’t own an Xbox. Just posting for funsies :).

  2. Sony and M$ will unite forces to launch Xstation 720 and as a debut a exclusive by Miyamoto and Ueda, featuring a bobble head monkey that smash turtles in his way against giant killer robots named Kooplossus.

  3. Valve announces the Threes: Half Life 3, Portal 3, and Left 4 Dead 3. However, they’re all Gamestop exclusives.

    • Dude, don’t scare me!

      Gabe will show us that Episode 3 is ready to be released. However, halfway during the presentation, he will become hungry and literally EAT the only computer with a copy on it. So it’s soonTM again.

      And he will say that they have earned too little to even feed him for a day during the steam winter sale. So all buys are frozen for right now, but will be processed soon (literally).
      However, in order to be more accurate with their goals, prices RISE by 75% instead of lowering them.
      Also, no active buys may be canceled from that moment onwards.

      Well, buy yourself something nice on the Steam holiday sale (SEVENTY-FIVE!) from me. XOXO.

      (I also have no XBOX because PC > XBOX)

      • “(I also have no XBOX because PC > XBOX)”

        That is basically true, but Toraka’s Computer is not even better than a normal XBox =P (I know him personally, I know what I’m talking about hahaha)

  4. E3 will talk about the big success that is NCIS: The Game, and talk about its’ sequel coming out, poised for game of the year.

    LOLOL, I couldn’t write that with a straight face. Your move, sherlock.

  5. Valve acquires the Mario series;
    Super Mario Galaxy 2: Episode One is delayed six weeks to give Mario more hats.

  6. “Assassins creed Series has been canceled due to the man who designed the Ottoman Jester has been assassinated, some speculate that this would actually improve the game but Gamestop shut down the AC Series down anyway.

    • The Jester is fine. The fact that you get it for feeding Gamestop money is why he’s always first target.
      Man, I don’t want to be the jerk picking the Jester in a TTT-Assassinate tournament.

      So afterall, it would much improve the world and the series if the leader of Gamestop would be assassinated.

  7. My Prediction: The Xbox5 billion trillion something comes out, and as always, the playstation over 9000 comes too to try for competition. Then Steve Job’s ghost come out of nowhere and makes an iPLAYBOX and everyone just buys that.

  8. Valve unveil a new revolutionary “Random Hat Generating System” that will launch with Half-Life 3. *cue to Gordon Freeman wearing a mariachi themed furry pink sloth on his head*

    “We believe giving gamers a hat to put on every characters, foes or allies in HL3 will further deepen the playing experience. Here at Valve we’re always trying to find new ways to make story telling exciting and we believe that the RHGS will achieve that goal.”

    -Gabe Newell

    *Cue to screenshot of an in-game shop where we can see a player buying a golden sparkles accessory for his hat at only 4,50$*

  9. Come on, nobody being a good sport?
    I mean, I did not compete, but I still think that we should congratulate Mastermindguywhateverhisnameisiamtoolazytoscrollup for combining the three elements of comedy. Gaben, episodes being delayed, and hats.

  10. SORRY whoever you are, I am a total first class dick and a waste man I’m sorry for the language because I always get bulls when I’m pissed off. I have been searching the Altair outfit for ages and I can’t find it. I did 100% synchorization in all missions still nothing. I looked on youtube nothing. I asked my friends and they said to go on this website. But I’ve Got Ac III and I finished it in so little time.
    So now I’m just looking for extra things in Ac’s. I really need the information Please Forgive me. If you have time just send what I have to do. Please forgive me for what I said to you I am truly a Dick I addmitt it sos.

    Yours Sincerely D. Carlos

    P.S Please forgive me. If you send me what I have to do I would be more than happy but if you don’t it doesn’t matter it’s only a game. PLEASE FORGIVE ME.

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