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Well, it’s been a short time in the making, but the T3 Forums have finally arrived.

An on-again, off-again requested feature, the forums came back into consideration when T3 reader Ardvark suggested I develop some kind of user submission section for players to create guest articles.

Since I’d never ever allow random visitors to pollute my frontpage with their drivel (I barely allow the other writers to do so), I figured a forum was the next best thing.

The T3 Forums will serve a few distinct purposes. First, they’ll give readers a place to interact without having to remain restricted to the comments section of existing articles. There’s a more robust post/reply system, as well as more editing tools for better… uh… editing.

Second, the forums will allow us to interact with you all in a more natural way. We can set up things like tournaments without cluttering the front page with constant update posts that don’t add permanent value to the site.

Third, the forums will serve as a more public place for fans to whore out their own stuff. If you have cool videos or a new Magic deck build or something you’d like to share, just post it. You’ll find a link to the forums in the top navigation bar.

Of course, a forum wouldn’t be a forum without an overreaching, ego-tripping moderator or two. And a moderator wouldn’t be a moderator without a banhammer and a fuckton of rules. While I’m not going to lay down extremely formal rules, consider this the template to start with. They’ll evolve over time.*


T3 Forum User Guidelines

  • Discussion will be civil at all times. Threads that devolve into name calling, unfunny flaming, or the posting of personally identifiable information will be closed.
  • Any post that includes or links directly to pornographic, hateful, illegal, or Gamestop-related material will be deleted. Its creator will be punished as deemed appropriate by the moderators.
  • If you believe another user is wrong about a topic, you must explain why. Condescending bullshit like “It’s so obvious you’re an idiot it’s not worth replying” will lead to moderator action.
  • The forums are a place for everyone. Elitism and “I was here first” attitudes will not be tolerated.
  • While advertising and self promotion are not banned from the forum, behavior that is seen as spammy will be directly addressed.
  • The forums are not a democracy. Failure to comply with moderator requests will lead to thread locks, post deletions, and/or user bans.

* As more users are banned, the rules will be updated to retroactively reflect the reasons they were banned.


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  1. Will you get banned for posting links to articles about how evil Gamestop is?

    BRB, writing my guest articles I had in mind some time there.

    Also, what about structuring? If you would really make some guest article-ish stuph, would each article have to be in a seperate thread, or all in one?

  2. Success! It was only a day or two that I began talking to WiNG about this, and it happened fast. It’s awesome to see internet personalities that actually listen to their followers and fans

  3. I tried on both Mozilla and Chrome browsers, didn’t seem to make any difference. Am I doing something embarrassingly wrong?

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