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hakan super street fighter 4 ae 2012 arcade edition

Do you have an incredible strategy video or pointer you think Top Tier Tactics should see? Submit it today!

As the title suggests, this week’s Tactical Thursday is going to hit on a fairly wide array of games by a few different users.

Some of them you’ve probably heard of before (including on T3), and others are unknowns who deserve your attention.

Well, enough foreplay. Let’s take a look at your submissions and see what’s the random stuff I selected risen to the top of the heap!

Devildog0491 is not a dessert cake, is delicious

When it comes to gaming commentary, Devildog0491 is relatively new to the scene. He’s only recently jumped into the online theater with a collection of ten uploads. But don’t let that scare you off – his content is quite compelling.

You’ve read Xiant’s Battlefield 3 Operation Metro guide before, but here are some live action tips for gaining massive points, exploiting map geometry, and being a general credit to team.

Also, he’s giving away an iPhone 4S. Just saying.


Shadesnow hands out cold, silent death

It’s no secret the Spycicle is the most overpowered weapon since the Rocket Launcher. And it’s no secret that Shadesnow is a pretty cool dude. So why is it that his most recent replay only has a handful of views? Fuck if I know, but I’m doing my best to course correct. Bump that counter up by seeing him turn people into ice people, or subscribe to his channel today.


Yoga isn’t just for attractive women in tight pants

Look, YogaFlame24 doesn’t need my help. The dude’s got 13,000+ subscribers. It is you, dear reader, who need help. Because until you’ve subscribed to his channel, you can’t gain the benefit of watching the most interesting Super Street Fighter 4 replays on the net. Sure, you could comb through all of them, but why bother when YF24 is aggregating them for you? The Wildcat815 match he found (below) pretty much sums up the top tier quality of this channel’s content.


tehderfy hands out warm, silent death

There are plenty of talented Templar on YouTube. I’ve introduced you to a least a few of them, including The Mighty Astlan. But one newcomer that deserves a look is tehderfy.

Unlike me, Astlan, or most other Revelations killers, he doesn’t actually commentate his videos. You watch the gameplay and make of it what you will. Some will find that boring, but I find it soothing. It’s easy to get into the mood of the game, focus on the aural cues, and not get caught up on the kind of self-aggrandizing jokes that are so popular on YouTube. See what I’m talking about in the video below.

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5 replies to this post
  1. Hadn’t played tf2 in a while, and learned of the Spycicle through this article. I might have to reinstall just for that weapon.

  2. Personally, I don’t think that Shade is that great of a spy player. I found him too passive, which seems to be a common theme with the CnD. But that’s just my opinion, which no one probably cares about on the Internet ;)

    • My passiveness is closely tied to my use of the CnD, however although the replay went balls-up halfway thru (I could blame many things for this. *Cough* Valve.) the entire replay was 4:33. A pretty decent life as spy IMO. But great? No.

  3. Thanks Wing for the endorsement.

    I made a spectacular Replay. Made my eyes bleed and sunlight descended from the clouds, the moon turned red and junk. THAT kind of replay and it returned a GetDynamicBaseline: FindStringIndex(214-Randomness_typeofweapon) failed. I’m posting this to tell you there’s no fix to this. It’s just gone. GONE! If anyone has that error in the future they know. Don’t waste your time on the replay. So there’s that. Thanks again.

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