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Ubisoft Community Developer Gabriel Graziani, also known as UbiGabe, announced on Reddit today that the Assassin’s Creed Revelations Multiplayer Community Unlock Event has officially begun.

What is the ACRMCUE (as it’s known here at T3)?

According to Graziani, it’s a platform-agnostic community goal not unlike the one used to unlock Air Superiority in Battlefield 1943.* Everyone’s in it together:

The rules are simple, starting today, we are recording the number of multiplayer matches people play in Assassin’s Creed Revelations multiplayer. Once our community collectively reaches 3.5 million matches, we’ll unlock a new multiplayer map for everyone!

Will this single map be any good? Is it a Brotherhood map, or another map from ACR’s single player? Or is it a lighting tweak, like the “maps” released during the holidays?

There’s no way of knowing, but take comfort in two small things:

  1. The community will eventually unlock free, extra content for you
  2. The price ($0) is significantly better than the value of the Mediterranean Traveler Map Pack

If I get any more information, I’ll certainly share it. In the meantime, get online and start playing really short rounds of Corruption. Because I sure as hell am not going to be the one grinding out the majority of the matches.


* The best thing DICE ever did for its series as of late. Also, they never did it again. Figures.

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  1. Let’s all take bets on how long it takes for this milestone to be achieved. Winner gets… an internet.

    I say 10 days.

  2. One of the Redditors poses a good question.

    Does each match containing eight people only count as one match, or does it count as eight?

  3. 1. @WiNGSPANTT: They actually did it again… in Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam. One of the old maps from Battlefield Vietnam was unlocked once a certain amount (sorry, forgot the numbers) of teamplay actions like revives, heals, resupplies and repairs were done

    2. I bet 3-4 weeks and different timespans on different platforms (at least if the unlocking is made for only one platform a time)

    • It was like 95 million support actions. But yeah.

      As far as timespans go, Vietnam took about 2.5 weeks for its first platform, PC, as I recall, and around 4.5 for Playstation 3.

      I don’t know the stats on Revelations, but I’d say a bare minimum of about 2 weeks for the first platform unlock, with a week’s time between each one that follows.

  4. When asked what we unlock on their official Twitter, they responded:

    “@assassinscreed @noambhs An alternate version of the Souk map.”

    As well, (supposedly) the map isn’t for multiplayer but rather training mode.
    “To All Abstergo Trainees, join your opponents to unlock an alternative training map.
    Your task is to play through as many matches as possible. Once we reach 3.5 million cumulative matches, we will unlock the Alternate Souk Map! You can track your collective progress through the Assassin’s Network.”


    • Are you sure about that? Remember that technically, the multiplayer is all about “training Abstergo operatives”, so we’re all working in “training maps”. Not trying to put your comment down; just hoping you’re wrong.

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