Home Strategy Battlefield Video Roundup: Part 3

It’s that time again.

While I’ve actually produced one more video than what you’ll see below, I’m waiting for it to post on PixelEnemyRevive. I’ll update this post when it does go up.

Enough formalities. Today’s selection of Battlefield 3 videos is something of a grab bag. The first video is a tried and true Tips from Clips piece, and the other threeare me trying to find a real groove for myself. Leave your opinions in the comments here or on YouTube. Either way, I hope you enjoy!


Oh, before I forget, there’s a T3 Platoon on Battlelog, for those of you interested.



The old standby:


I’m a fiction writer, and while the story here isn’t fiction, it is a part of a series,

Tales from the Battlefield:


And this last is me going a little off the deep end in an attempt at humor.

Quips from Clips:


How to dropshot in Battlefield 3:


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