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At this point you’ve probably seen the footage from Qualifying Bracket A of the Top Tier Tactics Assassin’s Creed Revelations Xbox 360 January 2012 Adverb Adjective Tournament. What a mouthful.

But it’s time you moved forward one letter to B, as in Boy are these some awesome rounds of ACR!

Of course, I can’t tell you what to think. If I could, I’d be forcing you to mail me hundred dollar bills. But I can encourage you to watch the gameplay below and congratulate everyone for three rounds of stellar play.


Round 1: Deathmatch (Rome)

Round 1 Scores

  • FreakyChuckles:  6050
  • templarkiller88: 5350
  • Blake Draco: 4850
  • DarkAssassina00: 4800
  • Dynillaristic: 3350


Round 2: Corruption (Souk)

Round 2 Scores

  • Blake Draco: 2920
  • templarkiller88: 2490
  • DarkAssassina00: 2120
  • Dynillaristic: 2010
  • FreakyChuckles:  1940


Round 3: Wanted (Castel Gandolfo)

Round 3 Scores

  • templarkiller88: 6300
  • Dynillaristic: 4700
  • FreakyChuckles:  4650
  • Blake Draco: 3400
  • DarkAssassina00: 2450


Overall Scores

The score spread in Bracket B was decidedly smaller than in Bracket A of the tournament, but in the end templarkiller88 and FreakyChuckles managed to squeak by with 1st and 2nd place, respectively. Of course, I actually won with 14450 points, but I don’t count because nobody can beat me. Here’s the final breakdown:

  • templarkiller88: 14140
  • FreakyChuckles:  12640
  • Blake Draco: 11170
  • Dynillaristic: 10060
  • DarkAssassina00: 9370

Congratulations to templarkiller88 and FreakyChuckles, who will be seeded into the Final Bracket. Thanks to everyone for playing, and a special shout out to Dynillaristic for a truly epic use of Mute in Round 2!


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6 replies to this post
  1. hats off to Dynilliaristic, never knew you could cancel abilities.

    So if an opposing player is within the mute range and they use:

    Templar Vision
    Throwing Knives

    and you mute them, does this mean that all these abilities will cancel because they all have a “duration”? (i.e when you use the abilities, the ability in the left hand corner starts to flash and stops flashing once the ability duration is over). It’s weird though, because smoke bomb has a “duration” however it doesn’t flash when it is used.

    If somebody poisoned you and then you used mute, you could piss them off so much haha, then mute would have enormous potential and I would use it more often.

  2. Mute won’t cancel abilities that have already activated, just ones that activate over a period of time. It is possible it would cancel Templar Vision. It doesn’t outright cancel Charge,but it makes them unable to kill/stun you, so the Charging person runs right past you. Mute won’t cancel any other of those abilities.

  3. Sorry I had to taunt you one time, if it helps I immediately died afterwards.

    Sincerely, FreakyChuckles/Thespian

    P.S. I purposely took the Thespian to piss you off. Teehee

  4. We all know there’s only one way to determine the right person for the sentinal.
    That’s right! Wingspan X Shenmue fight to the death!
    …or for the highest points, if you wish.

  5. Haha mute is definitely the best ability in my opinion.
    But so far this bracket is the most entertaining. Good luck in the finals templarkiller88 and FreakyChuckles!

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