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The more-famous-than-me Templar, Escoblades, asked me to guest commentate his Top 5 Plays of the Week series, and I can’t say I wasn’t flattered. The opportunity to broadcast my ego to an even wider audience was nothing to sneeze at.

There were some hilarious plays in Week 4 of Esco’s highlight reel, so I hope you enjoy my stab at the commentary. Previous iterations were decidedly straightforward, so I wanted to inject a little Spy Juice imagination into the proceedings. The results, while unconventional, speak for themselves.


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  1. Brilliant vid and hilarious commentary, great job. I’ve not been playing AC:R very long, but that last stun seemed possible to me because the killer was taunting… no? That teleporting kill seemed more skill to me than #1, but meh, I can only watch these vids in awe (and never touch the game again in shame).

  2. If any game ever, in the history of gaming, needed a theater mode, sadly it was this one.

    Oh, the utter deliciousness that I could upload!…

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