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The hits just keep on comin’ here at T3.

You’ve watched Bracket A and Bracket B of our Assassin’s Creed: Revelations tournament, but today you’ll bear witness to a whole ‘nother level of carnage.

Who will come out victorious in this high-level bloodbath? I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t me. I pretty much got my ass kicked.

There’s only one more qualifying bracket to unveil before we announce the Final Bracket lineup, so enjoy the tension while it lasts.


Round 1: Deathmatch (Rome)

Round 1 Scores

  • Hakimakitak:  5650
  • DeepwaterDragon: 5600
  • Shmurf xD: 5200
  • punkachump: 4800
  • Calderon0311: 3450


Round 2: Corruption (Souk)

Round 2 Scores

  • punkachump: 3120
  • Shmurf xD: 2420
  • Hakimakitak:  2320
  • DeepwaterDragon: 2220
  • Calderon0311: 570


Round 3: Wanted (Castel Gandalfo)

Round 3 Scores

  • Hakimakitak:  4100
  • DeepwaterDragon: 3700
  • Shmurf xD: 3600
  • punkachump: 3250
  • Calderon0311: 2500


Overall Scores

Bracket C was was easily the most competitive of the bunch so far. The final score spread between the top four players was only 900 points! But although it was close, winners must be chosen, and two contestants came out on top with a narrow (but much deserved) victory. Here’s the final breakdown:

  • Hakimakitak:  12070
  • DeepwaterDragon: 11520
  • Shmurf xD: 11220
  • punkachump: 11170
  • Calderon0311: 6520

Congratulations to Hakimakitak and DeepwaterDragon, who will be seeded into the Final Bracket. Thanks to everyone for playing, even if it meant having to publicly embarrass me!


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