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Well, this is it: the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

Wait, what’s that? This isn’t the finals match? It’s just Bracket D of the T3 Assassin’s Creed: Revelations tournament?

Damn, I’m getting ahead of myself. And why wouldn’t I be? With so much fierce competition in Brackets A, B, and C, I have every reason to be hyped about the tournament’s last set of competitors. Doubly so because this group includes Brotherhood tournament veterans Loomer979 and BigTime067!

Well, enough blathering. Just enjoy the spectacle!


Round 1: Deathmatch (Rome)

Round 1 Scores

  • loomer979: 6500
  • BigTime067: 5000
  • SaintLPatrick: 4750
  • FuturBigmama: 4600
  • BIGDOG1491: 2200


Round 2: Corruption (Souk)

Round 2 Scores

  • BIGDOG1491: 2730
  • BigTime067: 2190
  • FuturBigmama: 1750
  • loomer979: 810
  • SaintLPatrick: 760


Round 3: Wanted (Castel Gandalfo)

Round 3 Scores

  • FuturBigmama: 4950
  • loomer979: 4350
  • SaintLPatrick: 4100
  • BIGDOG1491: 3900
  • BigTime067: 2950


Overall Scores

Bracket D featured a lot of ruthless play on my part and on the part of the actual tournament participants. Don’t take that as an insult; I expected nothing less of these players heading into the home stretch of the qualifying rounds. Here’s the final breakdown:

  • loomer979: 11660
  • FuturBigmama: 11300
  • Bigtime067: 10140
  • SaintLPatrick: 9610
  • BIGDOG1491: 8830


Final Bracket

As previously stated, the Final Bracket will consist of the top seven players from the original eight seeded from the Qualifying Brackets. These players will be:

  • RobyRK93: 16660
  • templarkiller88: 14140
  • FreakyChuckles: 12640
  • Hakimakitak: 12070
  • DeepwaterDragon: 11520
  • loomer979: 11660
  • FuturBigmama: 11300

The eight place finalist, TheSelphos, will unfortunately be dropped with the lowest seeding score of 10910. That said, I’d like to offer him special congratulations for kicking major ass in Bracket A. If you have a chance in the comments, make sure he knows he earned your respect!

The final matches will be Simple Deathmatch, Wanted, and Assassinate. Scheduling is currently taking place, but you can expect the matches to occur by the middle of next week. The grand final video footage and commentary is scheduled to air here on T3 just before the Superbowl. If you’re a football fan and an ACR fan, you’re the luckiest motherfucker on Earth when February rolls around.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and I hope you’re looking forward to the high-stakes conclusion of the first T3 ACR Tournament!


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8 replies to this post


    Oh well. I’d probably be pretty screwed with Simple Deathmatch and Assassinate included anyway.

    ‘Twas fun, and best of luck to the remaining seven.

  2. Can I still join this tournament? If not, when will the next one be, I would like to see how I stand against players that actually know what they are doing xD.

  3. Wow Im so happy i stumbled onto this website.
    I have to say, this tournament is getting pretty heated, how do I get into the February tournament?

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