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It’s no secret: I don’t really like team based modes in Assassin’s Creed Revelations multiplayer.

It’s not that they’re bad or anything, I just don’t really enjoy a sense of shared victory. Call me a cunt if you want, I just prefer to bask in all the glory by myself.

That said, there are plenty of players who do like to play nicely with others (and vindictively against other others). And today’s guest article author RaininStormwake is one of them. Check out his tips and strategy and see if they can’t up your game.


Manhunt Strategy

Offense: Be patient and wait for the right time to get your kill.  Try to come in stealthy, using a moving hidden group if possible.  Rushing kills will not only hurt your score, but your entire team’s score as well.  Just because your teammates are rushing for kills doesn’t mean you need to, especially if the other team knows how to use defensive abilities.

A lot of times you can even take advantage of how aggressive your teammates are being and get good kills following their carelessness.  The best time to go for a kill is when you know they don’t have any abilities left, or if you’re sure they don’t see you, or even if your teammates being stunned.  If they are in a stun animation, they cannot contest your kill.

Defense: Hide with your team if possible, since teamwork is most important on defense.  Use your abilities wisely and try to chain them with your teammates’ abilities to grab as many stuns as you can.  It’s all about timing and placement of your abilities.

I also recommend that even when you don’t have abilities, fight it out for honorable deaths and try to get what you can till you die, because the sooner you can activate boost cooldowns, the sooner you can stun more frequently.  Stunning as often as possible is the key to earning more points on defense.  A running strategy will not do much to give you a better score, and unless you’re in a tournament and you really need to starve the other team of points, it’s useless.


Artifact Assault Strategy

Since there are no offense and defense rounds in artifact assault, you need to play where you’re needed.  If you see 2 teammates defending, you need to definitely be going for the artifact.  If you notice their entire team is going for your artifact, you need to help defend/return it.

To effectively defend your artifact you need players not only near the circle, but near the line for middle defense as well.  If they get past your circle area defense, whoever is in the middle may be your last hope.  Teamwork is very very important here, try to help your teammates capture the enemy artifact by occupying the other team/smoke bombing/throwing knives, even dying for your teammate if that’s your only option.

Remember, it’s all about capturing the enemy artifact and working as a team.  Use best judgement and decide where you would best benefit your team.

If you found this article and these videos helpful, check out RaininStormwake’s YouTube channel!

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  1. I played RaininStormwake in assassinate or a FFA mode with WiNG, we weren’t in a party so I spazzed when I saw him, I think he still has the message. I think that once WiNG left the game Rainin won every round.

  2. Very good but rather basic strategies.
    I play on PC and I think it’s kinda annyoing you don’t have a chat option. Voice chat is fine and all – but noone makes a use of it.
    So teamplay kinda sucks sometimes.

    Generally I take a TV or Firecrackers to reaveal targets and then shoot the first one I see with the hidden gun so they don’t get the full hidden bonus

    Then I line up a nice and simple Incognito Aeral Focus kill after which the stunning beginns, but at least one kill was decent

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