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The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here: The Xbox 360 T3 ACR Tournament Finals Matches have been played, recorded, and uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

Going into these last three rounds, I’ll admit I was nervous. While my score technically doesn’t count (after all, I’m not going to award myself a prize), I really didn’t want to have my ass handed to me in front of a few thousand of my subscribers. Unfortunately, that’s basically what happened.

But don’t take my word for it. Watch the culmination of the entire tournament for yourself. Enjoy!


Round 1: Simple Deathmatch (Venice—night)

Round 1 Scores

  • FreakyChuckles: 4950
  • RobyRK93: 4600
  • loomer979: 4300
  • DeepwaterDragon: 4150
  • Hakimakitak: 4100
  • FuturBigMama: 3600
  • templarkiller88: 3250


Round 2: Wanted (Ippokratous)

Round 2 Scores

  • Hakimakitak: 5400
  • RobyRK93: 4950
  • FreakyChuckles: 4350
  • FuturBigMama: 3600
  • templarkiller88: 3150
  • loomer979: 3100
  • DeepwaterDragon: 2650


Round 3: Assassinate (Venice—day)

Round 3 Scores

  • RobyRK93: 9400
  • Hakimakitak: 7950
  • FreakyChuckles: 4600
  • DeepwaterDragon: 3900
  • loomer979: 3800
  • templarkiller88: 3650
  • FuturBigMama: 3350


Prize Winners

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Templar of all ages: I present to you our ACR T3 Tournament Grand Champion, with a total Final Round score of 18950, RobyRK93.

From Bracket A straight to the top of the podium, Roby displayed not only consistently smart play, but a dedication to adapting to his surroundings and coming out triumphant when it mattered most. The tournament was full of many skilled players, but unlike many others, RobyRK93 changed up his playstyle more quickly and more effectively than anyone else to come out leaps and bounds over the competition. Truly, a deserved victory.

In a close second place and with a nearly impressive overall showing, T3 is proud to applaud Hakimakitak, who finished with a Final Round total score of 17450.

Hakimakitak may not have been most peoples’ pick going into the tournament for a top tier finish, but like Roby, “HMT” learned from his prey and took excellent advantage of every situation. His dogged, fiendish kills in the finals matches alone convinced me this is a man you should fear on Xbox Live. That said, he was also a genuinely entertaining opponent both in-game and on the microphone. Well played, Hakimakitak.


Overall Finals Scores

Of course, all of our finalists played extraordinarily well, trouncing the competition in their Qualifying Brackets and putting up a hell of a fight here in the finals. Congratulations to all of these players—collectively, you’ve managed to make me look like a fool. And for that, I will hunt you down on Xbox Live till the end of days I thank you. Here’s the final score breakdown:

  • RobyRK93: 18950
  • Hakimakitak: 17450
  • FreakyChuckles: 13900
  • loomer979: 11200
  • DeepwaterDragon: 10700
  • FuturBigMama: 10550
  • templarkiller88: 10050

Dearest readers, I don’t think I have to tell you what to do. But I probably do, so I will. Get in the comments and give some love to these Templar Titans! They’ve slain you, entertained you, and strained my vocal chords with hours of continuous video recording. If that doesn’t earn a few GGs and a whole lot of respect, I don’t want to know what does.


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15 replies to this post
  1. I am going to practice Assassinate and Wanted religiously since if I can beat Loomer and Roby in Simple Deathmatch it is obviously my forte, if I had done a few thousand points better in both Assassinate and Wanted I could have pulled 2nd or made my 3rd place score that much closer to Hakimakitak.

  2. Good job to all the players! Good matches, fun to watch and if I may, very educational.

    And shame on the youtube guy who disparaged the Hidden Gun.

    I look forward to the next tournament!

    • 95% of good players hate the hidden gun. I stand behind them and my own opinion on it. Wingspantt is still the man though, and good games to all that competed. :)

  3. Great job, we watch in awe. If I might suggest for next tournaments, have every contestant record the match and submit it after the match so we get more footage and learn even more ;)

    • Or an exhibition game, no pressure to outperform, just play normally so we see all wins and fails from each perspective.

  4. Excellent matches, great tactics and overall, very entertaining! Mad kudos to all the players, and especially big props to Roby for an awe-inspiring performance.

    Of course, respect to WING for coordinating and the commentary – always a laugh.

    Definitely helped my game out, just wish I could play against ya. Unfortunately I’m on ps3 not Xbox 360.


  5. Thanks for an entertaining tournament. Looking forward to the next one. Sadly Im on ps3 so I cant join unless someone hosts a ps3 tournament.

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