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Now, I don’t really understand Australia very well, but apparently on Channel ABC 2 today (yesterday? two days ago?) the Golden Charity was mentioned on the Gamer News segment of the show Good Game. Whhhhaaaatttt??

Anyway, while the anchor’s data appears to be slightly old, it’s still an amazing honor to see and hear about this event from an actual broadcast television channel!

I’ve included the clip in this video with additional updates regarding the Golden Charity:

As mentioned in the video, while donations are still coming in they’re definitely slowing down. The easiest way you can help is to contact Valve and let them know how you feel, or to contact other gaming news media sites and tip them off to this event!

A huge shout-out to Mike Dodd from This Week in Geek. Thanks for the interview, it was a pleasure, as always to be on the show! Listen to the episode here! (interview begins around 43 minutes in).

Also, I’d like to thank Boldstate for taking the time to interview me about this fundraiser. You can read the full interview here.

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