Home News A videogame about a gay, Swedish dragon now exists!

Malmö-based developer, Redikod, launches its newest mobile title A Gay Dragon HD for PlayBook on BlackBerry AppWorld today!

This intuitive puzzle platformer follows the quest of Melwin, a purple gay dragon, as he seeks to free his beloved prince from the clutches of the vengeful princess and her female dragon guards.

The gameplay features a simple, yet addictive puzzle formula wherein players must place arrows on the ground strategically so that Melwin can follow the arrows to the prince and then back to his lair. Players can also use arrows to deter the advances of the princess in addition to picking up helpful tools along the way to aid Melwin in defeating his foes and reaching his prize. As players are offered only a selection of arrows to use in each level, however, a bit of crafty ingenuity will prove beneficial.

“The concept of A Gay Dragon may seem a bit tongue in cheek, and that is our intention – to introduce a little sass and lighthearted humor to a proven and entertaining puzzle formula,” said Erik Robertson, Managing Director for Redikod. “Our attention to detail coupled with a pinch of audacity has produced a fun, yet challenging, puzzle experience.”

Melwin is looking for friends on Facebook! Join him in his quest for love!

A Gay Dragon is also available on iPhone through the iTunes AppStore with a four out of five star rating!


About Redikod

Redikod is a small development studio started in 1997 in the Copenhagen-Malmö/Öresund region of Europe. With a focus on small, innovative games for download to PC, console, tablet and mobile, Redikod’s roster of titles is based on the company’s own original concepts and features its dedication to detail and quality.

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  1. Haha! I like it. When I saw “lair” I laughed. Not half because that is also how I refer to my bedroom.

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