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Assuming you’ve read my Soul Calibur 5 review, you know I’m enjoying Namco’s latest fighter quite a bit. And though many of my ACR fans may have expected I’d main Ezio this time around, I still have two big soft spots for Ivy Valentine and her fiendish crossover gameplay.

In SC5, Ivy’s been nearly completely reverted to her SC1/SC2 gameplay, which is simpler in the long run but confusing for SC4 players like me. Her moves, while intuitive, don’t feel as fluid anymore… though they’re just as fun to nail opponents with. Get it? Nail? Ivy’s a dominatrix, so it’s funny.

During my online bouts, I had the pleasure (pleasure!) of sparring with some talented foes, some not-so-talented foes, and some foes-dressed-like-Jack-in-the-Box. I also managed to fit in a few fights with Geoff the Hero of FreezeCracker fame and Hardcore Hitomi of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood fame.

While I feel like I’m learning, my win ratio is still just barely hovering above 52%. I know I should probably spend more time reading up at 8 Way Run, but in the meantime I’m just going to try to practice my reaction and anticipation, as my games largely fall apart the second I lose forward momentum. But hey—don’t take my word for it—see the chaos for yourself.


Soul Calibur 5 Player Matches


Soul Calibur 5 Ranked Matches


WiNGSPANTT vs Geoff the Hero vs Hardcore Hitomi

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  1. im 15 years old and i challange wingspantt to fight me in soul calibur 5 first one to 10 wins ……………………………………………………………… any time any where

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