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I know people are always looking for these (for some reason) and I also know they’re not really worth much, so I figured I’d just give it away on the T3 Forums with a really simple contest.

First person to correctly guess the following gets the code (I’ll email it to you):

1. The first letter in the code
2. Whether the last number is odd or even

So, for instance, you might answer “R, ODD” or “Q, EVEN”

Obviously there are only 52 possible combinations, unless someone changed the alphabet on me recently. And no, I won’t tell you if one of those examples is correct. It’s all part of the mindgames. One entry per person/household. Don’t think I can’t tell it’s you!

To enter, simply go to the T3 Forum contest post and enter your guess. If you need to register or log in, you can do so at the T3 Forum admin page first. Good luck!

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