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Well, it had to happen eventually. Stabby Stabby, a master espion known worldwide, has accumulated so many murderous skills that there remained only one ability he had not yet mastered: voiced YouTube commentary.

Just like yours truly (and the great Spies who came before us), Stabby had always relied on insightful, well-timed text captions to deliver Spy lessons before.

But things change, and in an increasingly persona-centric YouTube environment, fans demand something they can pleasure themselves to.

Unfortunately, I know this from experience.

Whether that was Stabby’s motivation or not, his voice certainly is soothing. Yes, there are some kinks he’s working out… my own first voiced commentary was a bit of a disaster… but if there’s one man who knows the virtue of practice, it’s Stabby Stabby. If you think he’s killing it now, wait till he has 100 days of voiced commentary experience.

Enjoyed this video? Check out the Stabby Stabby YouTube channel.


On a sadder note: a grim anniversary

Just a note that one year ago today, Subtleart died. Just as Stabby Stabby or I might be the Spies that taught you the tricks of the trade, Subtleart was my espionage inspiration from early on in Team Fortress 2 history. I owed him not only many of my play skills and techniques, but also my general video editing style and fondness for the YouTube community. Requiescas in pace, mentor.

Thanks to Guy923 for the reminder.

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  1. even though my first mentor in TF2 stabbery (which btw was after at least a year after I started)was OMFGNinja, this was pretty awesome =)

    BTW: why can’t I switch off the mobile theme? I am definitely on a PC with google chrome… but everytime I hit the switch below, I get switched back to the mobile site >.<

    • edit: nevermind, problem solved itself =D don’t know how, don’t know why but its working… for me, thats enough =3

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