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There isn’t much to say about me, really. I’m a simple man. A noble man. A humble man. So it’s always a surprise when someone wants to learn something about me. I run a mediocre gaming blog… what else is there to know, right?

But when Kovitlac contacted me last week, something felt different. Maybe it was her incredible amicable e-mail demeanor. Or maybe it was that she represented Nothing Is True, a large Assassin’s Creed community on DeviantArt. Or maybe I was sleeping on the couch that night and had some spare time on my hands.

Long story short, I agreed to do the interview in exchange for—hey wait a second! I didn’t ask for a single fucking thing! Kovitlac, if you’re reading this, I demand a redo! I want at least 600 space dollars or an advanced copy of Assassin’s Creed 3. I mean, what—did you honestly think I answer questions if it didn’t mean vast personal gain?

The rest of you, I guess, can profit from my loss. Below you’ll find half of my interview for Nothing is True. You can read the rest at their official page. And while you’re at it, check out their awesome Assassin’s Creed art.


Nothing is True Interview [Part 1/2]

What is your favorite multiplayer mode, and why? Alternate phrasing: What mode do you wreck utter havoc and destruction in?

Wing: My favorite overall mode is Deathmatch, because it feels the most fair. There are close spawns, few gimmicks, and it relies on observation more than other modes. That said, I also like Corruption because it forces you to play nice with players who aren’t technically your allies. It’s a fun dynamic that can lead to backstabbing and opportunism you can’t get in other modes. I usually do the best in Assassinate, but it’s not my favorite mode.

You have some sort of favorite, which means you likely have a least favorite. Which is it? Alternate phrasing: Which mode do you continue to wreck utter havoc and destruction in, but maybe not as much?

Wing: In FFA, Steal the Artifact is easily the worst mode. There’s so much luck based on where the artifact spawns, and the game almost always devolves into a roof chase. In team modes, I hate Chest Capture. The rules imposed in this mode seem so arbitrary… it’s like Ubisoft created the mode, found some imbalances, then made last minute changes to make things fair. But those changes make things counterintuitive instead.

ACR multiplayer is a great experience, but it’s not a perfect one. What causes you the most grief while playing? (I’m calling it now:  Ledge monkeys)

Wing: What causes me the most grief is what I would call practiced pros. These are players who are very experienced but have pretty much gotten to where they are by preying on the naivety of new players. They have a set routine they use to get points, and if something falls out of line with their plan, they have no backup option. It’s not necessarily hard to beat them, just kind of disappointing in a metagame sense.

As any fan of your videos would know, you’re kind of a helpful recipe guru. What snack do you crave most during your gaming escapades/ownage sessions?

Wing: Haha, yes, I certainly enjoy cooking. Ultimately I’m not too much of a snack person and I usually end up just drinking Coke Zero or red wine during play sessions. Not simultaneously, of course.

What in-depth interview wouldn’t be complete without the customary: do you prefer cake, or pie?

Wing: Ultimately, pie is the more interesting dessert. You almost always know what you’re getting out of a cake, but a pie has the opportunity to surprise you. You have the chance to see it, smell it, feel your fork penetrating the crust, watching the filling envelope it. It’s a more sensory experience.


Read the rest of the interview!

Go to the Nothing is True DeviantArt page to see the rest.


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  1. Damnit. Uhh… Gosh, $600 is a tad bit steep, and I could wish for a thousand years for early access to AC3 and never get it.

    How about the love and admiration of 2,654 members of Nothing Is True? Hell, I think that’s actually worth more then that puny little interview you gave. So how ’bout we make a deal. You get respect, love and admiration, and I make a handy, say, $400?

    I think that’s more then fair.

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