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If you read my article on Stabby Stabby’s voiced Spy lesson, you know that this week marked the 1-year anniversary of a particularly depressing day. In 2011, master TF2 player SubtleArt (also known as Lt. Cyndi Lauper) took his own life.

RNG e-mailed me to let me know that the Electronic Espionage group was paying tribute to my virtual mentor with a special throwback to vanilla TF2 spying.

I apologize for the great delay; it’s been tough keeping up with the T3 inbox lately. While it may be too late to partake in this particular event, I encourage everyone who has ever learned from SubtleArt to take a minute to be thankful for his lessons while he was still around. Below, you’ll find RNG’s note to me regarding this digital tribute, plus a related message from Watsyurdeal.

I noticed that you devoted a section of today’s article to honoring Subtleart. First, very glad to see that you did so. Second, perhaps you have heard of the Spy community’s tribute to him? SNSD Hurri organized it through Electronic Espionage, and then Watsyurdeal spread the news through the Steam forums and on Youtube. Today, many spies are using vanilla loadout only (no reskins or hats either) and using the tag “Lt.” My question to you, then (rambling), is whether Top Tier Tactics might mention this tribute at some point in future, just to add to your aforementioned remembrance of Subtleart. -RNG




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    step back a moment here.
    He killed himself??? I did not know that. Well, may he rest in peace, he was a good man.
    We’ll never forget him.

  2. Wow, that sucks dude. I feel terrible I never knew him… He plays spy like no other, his tactics are superb. I’d be happy to help with anything I can. For me, hearing about suicides kinda makes me shiver, I wonder if he got any help.

  3. Thank you so much for this, WiNG. I’m sure I bring the heartfelt appreciation of all who participated, even though there are many who would be better equipped to speak for the community than I am.

  4. I remember learning from his videos long before I found yours, I pretty much became the Badwater bastard after that old highground tutorial he did. RIP

    • Unfortunately I don’t know. I really don’t know much about his personal life. I think ultimately no matter what the issue was, people in that position are just dealing with too much and don’t know how to reach out any more. That is especially sad I think since, to us, he was a celebrity who could have had lots of help from thousands of strangers. But I know it’s not that easy.

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