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You may not have been impressed with the first DLC for Assassin’s Creed Revelations multiplayer. For a few dollars, you could get new Templar skins. Yep, that’s it. The second DLC wasn’t much different. Sure, the cost to benefit ratio was a little better, but putting the new maps on a separate playlist meant undoing a lot of the good work Ubisoft had done to unify the player base.

And there were still no revelations.

But according to Escoblades (who’s now in the T3 ACR tournament!), another add-on is in the works.

What will this expansion be about, and how much of a ripoff will it be? Well, from a preliminary look at the DLC’s achievements/trophies, we can gather a few things.


Leaked Revelations DLC achievements and implications

  • Part of the Creed (10) – Take the induction leap of faith
  • Jump They Say (10) – Reach the Animus memo
  • Enter The Animus (10) – Enter the Animus simulation

The first three cheevos pretty much indicate you’ll be playing as someone who’s just starting out with Abstergo. Will you be living through Subject 16’s past? Or is my terrible, tongue-in-cheek prediction about replaying all of Assassin’s Creed 1 & 2 finally coming true? Knowing Ubisoft, the latter proposition has too much value to be true. I’m betting it’s a third, less interesting protagonist.

  • Meet your Maker (10) – Finish memory five

Could be a reference to Vidic, to Minerva and TOWCB, or to some new character named “Your Maker.” In fact, I’d bet money on the last option.

  • Secret Achievement (25) – Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement
  • Secret Achievement (50) – Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Won’t be making any predictions on these other than “major plot shit happens, have some Gamerscore.”

  • Find All Pieces (50) – Find all decipher fragments

Wow, doesn’t this sound fun?

  • Save Yourself (10) – Land on a block after falling more than 25 meters
  • Impress Warren Vidic (50) – Complete the Animus testing sequence without failing
  • Cross Styx without Dying (25) – Make it across the river Styx without failing

Yes, you heard it right here, people, the much-loved untextured blockjumping segments are back! I’m sure that just like they were for me, these were your favorite parts of Revelations by a landslide. And given that three whole achievements are dedicated to nauseating, first-person guessing games, it probably makes up a large percentage of the gameplay.

But hey—I could be wrong. These are just my opinions after all. If you have your own thoughts, feel free to share them. In the interim, I’ll be patiently awaiting Assassin’s Creed Revelations DLC 3.0: Unbudgeted Blunders!

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  1. I usually don’t have a problem with DLCs because they’re usually optional and don’t add much to the core of the game. If Ubisoft makes big plot developments in the DLC, I’ll be upset.

  2. I would really like a DLC for single player, as I have not touched it since i finished it a month and a half ago. And as BigTime said, I will not be pleased if they make big plot developments. I shouldn’t be forced to pay extra to see important moments in the timeline, that should all come in with the $60 base game. But if we did get a DLC I would really hope it’s more like the AC2 and ACB expansions: doesn’t expand the plot but gives me a reason to go back and play more.

  3. I didn’t mind the Desmond areas. I like the Ezio locations much better, of course, but the geometry puzzles were refreshing and different. And I loved hearing the specifics of Desmond’s story.

  4. I agree with Kovitlac. What annoyed me the most anyway was the den defence… I’m gald I don’t have to do that again. But this DLC looks veeeeeeery promising even if it may be $15

  5. Well… At least they finally revealed something, you know, different. And you gotta know what’s happening right now at Ubisoft now that not everybody has absolutely fallen in love with the Lost Archive. Now that somebody’s criticized something of theirs, they’re scrambling like mad to do a complete, unnecessary overhaul. They’d better at least see Desmond off the stage without screwing that up. They’ve already dealt his portion of the story a SERIOUS blow in Revelations… Get it righ this time, Ubisoft.

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