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While the Mass Effect 3 release date has been known for some time now, it’s only been this week that Bioware has seen fit to grace us, the lowly gaming masses, with a sneak peak at its upcoming blockbuster.

Some players are excited, and I count myself among them. But that doesn’t mean I have to play nice in my commentary. I like to think of a demo as an inherently hostile procedure, after all. Bioware and its efforts are on trial, and I just so happen to be all twelve members of the jury. And the judge.

And the stenographer.

So, what did I think of the Mass Effect 3 demo? Watch this playlist and see for yourself. Though be warned: there are mild spoilers and not-so-mild language. Pansy Viewer discretion is advised.


Let’s Play Mass Effect 3 with WiNGSPANTT (5 parts)

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  1. So, did you like this visual novel? Better than the last? I’m going to play it as homo male Sheppard on easy modo with automatic dialogue!
    Also, what about the HOLOGRAPHIC BLADE. Brain stroke guaranteed.

  2. You are a fool with Nova. You bionic charge and then Nova. It is a point blank attack. Not a stand 20 feet away and use it.

  3. Cleft lip sounding fail boat of a commentator. Take the sausages out of your month long enough to pronounce words and maybe invest a little in commedy classes as you have no talent nor were your quirks funny. Kthnxbai.

  4. Wingspan is the worst commentator I have ever heard. Period. I had to stop watching because his voice/idea of humor was so annoying and retarded I could feel myself regaining my virginity. And did I hear him say that every day he wishes he were born French? Wow. If he’s the editor in chief of this website I fully intend to never come back to this site and inform everyone of how awful it is.

  5. Your welcome, I’m not saying your hard work to give us the info is bad just maybe less pointless condescending commentary.

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