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It’s the final countdown. With all Qualifying Round gameplay completed, recorded, and uploaded, the eleven best players of our Assassinate cohort are now moving on to face each other in the Semifinals Brackets.

We’ve seen a very broad range of ability in each game. In some instances, the results were a total blowout. In others, the victor took the lead with as little as 50 points at the last second. Regardless, I think every one of these players can expect a tough fight for Finals Bracket placement. Most will proceed, but a few gamers will be left in the metaphorical dust.

Remember: all tournament footage is being uploaded to the T3 YouTube channel first, so if you want to catch the results as early as possible, make sure you’re subscribed!

Bracket S2: Monday, Feb 27 at 8:00 pm EST

The Pr0paganda


Bracket S3: Tuesday, Feb 28 at 7:00 pm EST

Blake Draco

The top three players of S2 and the top four players of S3 will enter the finals.

In the event there are fewer than those numbers of players in their respective brackets, the number of qualifying players from each bracket may be adjusted so an equal representation of players from each bracket qualify for the finals. In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker game will be played. The game mode will be determined based on how many players are tied, but would most likely be Simple Deathmatch.


Bonus gameplay footage

Fellow YouTuber RaininStormwake took the opportunity to record, commentate, and upload his experience in the Bracket E qualifiers. If you’ve watched my own commentary on it, the dramatic irony at certain points of the footage is hilarious. Check it out:


Rainin has stated he’ll be uploading the semifinals (and finals, if he makes it) footage as well, so look forward to that. If you’re in the tournament and have recorded footage of your point of view, please contact me; I’d love to see it!


Bracket J False Start

Originally, this is the round of Assassinate that Bracket J played. Due to connection issues about 1/3 of the way into the match, the game was aborted and restarted. Just posting the footage in case anyone wanted to see it.

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  1. My life was complete when I was able to take out Wing immediately after spawning. No, it has nothing to do with skill ^^’

  2. I’ll say this: I don’t think anyone is going to be “lucky” to be in either of these brackets! And the smaller bracket also only has 3 spots that go to the finals. Chew on that a bit!

  3. Hhaha I can’t believe I watched the all the bracket videos. Congrats to everyone. Amazing gameplay. I can’t wait to watch the semifinals. : D Good luck everyone.

    Wing, I love your jokes. But your singing, not so much. Jking jking. haha. xD

  4. i can´t believe that i got inertcepted so much, but one was so terrible (incognito,hidden,greater variety, x2)… aaaaahhhh

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