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Some people call it “rage quitting.” Others call it “immature.” But let’s face it: disconnecting from a ranked match is completely justified when your opponent is being cheap, lame, or annoying.

After all, your time is valuable, and if you don’t take the initiative to end unfair encounters, you could lose several minutes of your life. Even worse, you could lose up to twelve points of online ranking in Soul Calibur 5.

So ignore the haters who tell you to “grow up.” Here are fifteen perfectly legitimate reasons you should quit a ranked match.

  1. They’re a spammer. Your opponent keeps using the same move over and over, and since there is no way to block, duck, or sidestep it, why try fighting this clown?
  2. Their character is OP. Anyone can win with Pyrrha, Seigfried, Nightmare, Mitsurugi, Yoshimitsu, Natsu, Xiba, Ezio, Devil Jin, or Dampierre. Don’t even bother.
  3. They Guard Impacted your combo. Listen: you didn’t spend ten hours memorizing an elite combo just to have some noob counter it on reaction, did you?
  4. They spam mixups. Every time you’re knocked down, they do the same thing: make you guess between mid, lows, grabs, and doing nothing. It’s total bullshit.
  5. They took forever. Not only are they probably picking an annoying character, they took eons picking him. Why give this asshole the satisfaction of wasting more time?
  6. They won via Ring Out. Sure, you’ve won by Ring Out before, but it was always by accident. Instead, this motherfucker did that cheap shit on purpose.
  7. They got a perfect. The first round began and you whiffed an attack or seven. Next thing you know, you’re dead and Natsu’s not. Disconnect pronto.
  8. They are using a CAS. Everyone knows that real Soul Calibur 5 fans use original characters. Custom characters are clearly overpowered and should be banned immediately.
  9. They hit your corpse. Although ground hits have been in the game since the beginning of the series, you read an interview where a developer said it was a bug.
  10. They Guard Broke your defense. You were smart enough to hold block all match, yet this douchebag gets a free Critical Edge for spamming BB? What were you supposed to do, attack?
  11. They picked a walled map. Obviously anyone who picks a walled map is planning to win with an overpowered wall-hit combo. Leave before they get the chance to do so.
  12. Their win ratio is >50%. When you accept a ranked match, it’s supposed to be fair. Yet Namco/Bandai set you up against some Japanese pro with a 23-20 record. WTF?
  13. They picked an open map. If you don’t quit right away, it’s only a matter of time until #7 happens. If you see a map without walls, get ready for cheap bullshit antics.
  14. They are using a mic. Spamming voice into a microphone or distracting you with comments like “good luck” or “that was a cool combo” is a major exploit and has no place in online gaming.
  15. They used a throw more than once. Every now and then, it’s understandable you mistakenly block and attack simultaneously. But everyone knows throws are overpowered.

While this list speaks for itself, there are literally dozens of common circumstances that are so clearly unfair that the only way to “win” is not to play.

In your opinion, what is the best reason to disconnect in a ranked match?

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  1. 16. They hit you with unblockable attacks. Enough said… dashboard and snap the CD in V pieces. It can’t block that attack. Revenge is sooooo sweet.

  2. You don’t loose points for leaving?
    Or are we talking about cutting the Internet connection?
    (I don’t own SC5)

  3. These take the rage out or “RAGE! Quit”. Premeditated quitting when a thought out circumstance happens is simply proper gaming etiquette also called strategy or “tactics” (wink, wink). Yet another way to not so much win, but not lose, Thanks Wing!

    I loled throughout.

  4. My favorite part was banning half (or an third?) of the roster. I’ve heard “pros” legitimately try to pull that same shit in local tournaments.

  5. Wow ima start rage quiting. I always fight annoying sigfreeds, mitsu’s and freaking spammin xiba that always grab and or counter

  6. I found this list bullshit.Sure if they button tap or something,but they get a perfect? That is rage quitting because the other person is better than you.Ring out? You get the chance to get a ring out,you’re gonna take it.Custom characters “Over powered!?!!” It’s the same god damn person just they look differant!!! I swear.I hope this guy was being sarcastic.

  7. LOL good job so if i understand we should all play With character Like the new xian xua because its defininitly not an op character (hahahaha the good joke)and we are supose 2 leave like the biggest faggot when someone create à character cause its op as fuck !? The problem ….is the fact that the game let idiot like you leave with no big penality. Anyway i probably Alone 2 think this

  8. this is all bull shit , gets a perfect without button bashing or spamming = they are better than you…get a walled ring…dont let your self get backed into the wall…get an open ring beat them before they use “cheap bullshit antics”
    also on that note ur moaning about walled rings and then open ones…what other rings do you want to play on,one or the other :P
    i swear people are allways friggin moaning when they get beat.
    leave when they use a CAS becasue they are over powered, they are all the same just look different …
    personally i agree withy Spynol.. if you are going to quit a fight then i think you should get some form of penalty be it point deduction or ranked fight ban for however long.

  9. I’m getting sick of the soul calibur community. Every week it seems they want to attack a character from being “overpowered”. Which just equals fighting a character you don’t understand. You’ve got Nastu, Mitsu, and Nightmare who are clearly chip the most damage, yet people want to complain about who is in tournaments most often and nitpick them.

    Not to mention the roster, most of the woman vets got removed from the game, but the one that are left are getting debuffed to hell. There are 3 mimics. And namco only cares about the creation mode.

    It’s frustrating to support a game where Facebook comments can determine the fate of a characters strengths and weaknesses. And it’s even more frustrating when the “vets” of the sc community, who are supposed to help, name call the “newbies” for having opinions. And delegitimize them for not competing in “real tournaments”. They’re (most) bullies, but want to blame the consumers for not believing in the game anymore. Very funny.

  10. Dude, 15 reasons? Seriously?

    That’s quite a lot seeing as you just put down 2 types of maps which are VERY likely to appear on RANDOM to YOUR disadvantage, just as it is for you to choose random and get lucky.

    They guard impacted your FLAWLESS combo. Good, that shows they got lucky or THEY spent HOURS on perfecting timing. Too bad for you, huh?

    Let’s see what other pathetic excuses you have for rage quitting;

    “They are using a CAS. Everyone knows that real Soul Calibur 5 fans use original characters. Custom characters are clearly overpowered and should be banned immediately.”

    Oh, ok, so Creations aren’t allowed online? So everybody is immediately limited to 18 Characters online? Yes you also restricted 10 if you remember. And I’m SURE that will get much more boring.
    Too much to say to this one. I’ll move on.

    “They hit your corpse.” Cry more, ’nuff said? :-(

    “They won via Ring Out.” Good for them?

    “They got a perfect.” Well this evidently shows you suck, can’t you guard then strike? Dude…

    “They Guard Broke your defense.” LOOOOOL NUB DEFENCE DOWN, DEFENCE DOWN MAYDAY! Learn to attack back kid and don’t try to tank it all.

    Number 14 and 15 are just ridiculous, I’m out.

  11. honest to god, did NOT think for a second this article was a joke, well played sir! lol thought i was just reading something telling me that im not allowed to play the game and win otherwise im a cheater xD

  12. Hhaha if you only read the first half i get why you are attacking this dude. If you keep reading and have any concept of satire and sarcasm then you should have had no problem chuckling profusely by the end.

  13. If you seriously bitch about all these reasons, that are purposely in the game and you don’t know how to get around them, then don’t play it cause obviously u suck donkey wiener.

  14. 1st. I have say custom made characters no over powered i lose every time same with devil Jin (Tekken) I still get my ass owned due reason I cant get punch in spam attacks or ground hits contastly so you cant even get up.

  15. They Guard Broke your defense. You were smart enough to hold block all match, yet this douchebag gets a free Critical Edge for spamming BB? What were you supposed to do, attack? < THIS.

  16. I wonder if any of the people who posted angry comments came back and realized that this was a joke……

  17. You basically named everything about the game, half of the characters, and 2/3 of each type of ring. You left maybe a combination of two possible scenarios for a fight. If you have this many complaints then I have a simple solution. Don’t play because you’re obviously garbage.

    • YUP…Most definitely. Voldo is such a rage-quit inducing character, even by button smashing standards! I actually went against someone that KNEW how to use him.


      If God was there, He left my ass high, dry, and utterly destroyed. There was no dignity to be salvaged. No honor to defend or regain. I wanted to rage quit, but unable because 😨😨😨😖😖😖😭😭😭😭😭

      Well…it could’ve been worse…I could’ve been beaten into rage-quit by some noon using Baek in Tekken.


  18. Reading the comments here is even funnier, especially with those who actually fell for it.

    I actually love articles like this, it really shows who is keen enough to catch on and who is still soft in the brain.

  19. Juggling / endless combo is what breaks the game. That, and no parrying as in SC4. Implying that people who “spend hours learning a combo” are skillful is bullshit. They just wanna win through cheap tricks. I’ll be forever 2nd place because I don’t use that faggoty endless comboing. And I’m fine with it. I don’t disconnect ever, I just fucking laugh at the opponents desperation and toy with them before inevitably losing.

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