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Whether you love Assassinate or hate it, we’re moving into other modes from here on out. Our top eleven players from the Qualifying Brackets have now duked it out in two Semifinals Brackets of Deathmatch and Wanted, with seven skilled souls moving on to the Grand Finals.

Unfortunately, Punkachump faced severe connection issues and was kept out of his matches by Ubisoft’s terrible netcode.

A quick reminder: I’m posting all of the tournament footage to the T3 YouTube channel first, so if you want to be the first to see it, make sure you’re subscribed!


Bracket S2–Wanted & Deathmatch


Bracket S3–Wanted & Deathmatch


Bonus footage from RaininStormwake

Just like last time, Rainin was able to record, commentate, and post his POV of the mayhem in his semifinals bracket. He’s not a huge fan of Wanted, but ultimately his performance was good enough to make it into the finals!

Rainin did very well in his Deathmatch game, so I think if he can bring that composure into the Grand Finals he will definitely end up on the podium.

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  1. its really funny that darkassassina missed the top spot by 50 points, when he won the quialifier also by 50 points. weird coincidence. lol. foreshadowing maybe. haha

    • Looks like it has the potential to be a game changer but hopefully it will be harder than the previous games. Everything since AC1 has been a joke in terms of difficulty.

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