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Just dropping this post to let everyone know I’m not dead. I am instead 80% sure there is malware on my PC and I don’t trust I can log into T3 until it’s gone. In the meantime, writing posts on my phone will have to do.

Thanks for your understanding. I hope to be operating at full capacity shortly.



I’ve reinstalled Windows and the problem is (obviously) gone. Now I can get back to having no reason whatsoever to ignore all your emails!

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  1. You’ll be missed, but to clear your pc of malware just take a sledgehammer, hit the pc until it’s nothing but dust.
    If that doesn’t work well shit.

  2. If it happens again I suggest using MalWareBytes. I had to last time my system got some nasty malware that wouldn’t let me boot it up normally without blue screening. Luckily I have a desktop as well (my house has something like 11 computers in it…), so I saved MalwareBytes to a USB, booted my system in safe mode and got everything taken care of. It was terrible though. I’m not very computer-savvy, so my dad was slaving over the thing for hours.

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