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I’d like to apologize to the subscribers of the T3 YouTube channel. I promised them first rights to tournament footage, but was unable to deliver the finals matches due to my PC problems.

Mea culpa, so they say.

More importantly, I’d like to thank everyone, including the audience, the players, and our tournament finalists, for making the February ACR tourney such a fun event. I’d like to think all that planning and dedication paid off.

If you haven’t seen the last three matches of our Revelations showdown, you’re in for a treat. Check out the bloody brawl below and I’m sure you’ll agree.


Finals Round 1 – Wanted

This game was particularly laggy, to the detriment of seemingly everyone but DarkAssassina00. Was it all part of her evil plot to take the tournament by storm? I’m going on the record to say yes. In fact, I’m going to accuse her of purposely removing PunkaChump from the tournament! What a jerk!


Finals Round 2 – Steal the Artifact

At the end of this game, RaininStormwake could only wonder why nobody brought Throwing Knives against him. I have to agree it was easily the worst decision of the Finals, and that mistake easily decided the ultimate outcome of the combined 3-round scores.


Finals Round 3 – Deathmatch

A very close game on Knight’s Hospital ended our event. The results were painfully small differences proving that small bonuses can and do add up. Congratulations to our winners and a hearty huzzah to everyone for bringing their A-game and showing the ACR community what top tier tactics really look like. Sorry for the terrible pun.


Looking for more Assassin’s Creed Revelations? Check out Binerexis’ March PC tournament or read additional ACR articles.


Bonus footage from RaininStormwake

As with the semifinals, RaininStormwake posted his own take on the tournament’s progression. While he was a little bitter to start off with, he managed to pull together by the middle of Round 2 to give his score the boost it needed.

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  1. I saw at least 3 people in STA using throwing knives, problem is they used them on me and not Raininstormwake!! Why you 3 people why!!! DX

    • I also had more people following me for a lot of the time. ;) I saw in wings footage that you got knifed once, and i saw wing use knife on someone else once as well then he switched to teleport. Let’s just both be thankful that EVERYONE wasn’t using knives. ;)

      • WHO IS THIS IMPOSTER RAININSTGORMWAKE?!!? Just kidding that was a terrible typo, i’m so bad.

      • Yea true, not to mention you had WAY more lag then me. You probably should have won by way more than 35 points

      • Lol any lag in the game was the hosts fault, not mine. I don’t generally lag, but i’m sorry if you experienced any lag when you fought me. I understand how frustrating lag can be. :(

      • Hah, I don’t think lag is anyone’s “fault” as much as a private match forces players together who would normally not be paired due to the latency between them.

      • Well actually i meant that you had problems with lag that weren’t your fault, like when you tried to kill me in deathmatch and I ninja jumped that way. You were cheated out of alot of points there XP

      • I just didn’t really think much about it. I, like you, thought it wouldn’t play much into the final scores like Corruption last time. So I didn’t even make a specific ability set for it.

        It’s not my favorite game mode, but I’m more just embarrassed that I was barely able to break 1000 on it!

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