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Well isn’t this a fine mess.

For those of you who don’t play AC:R on the PC, let me fill you in on something that’s happened lately. Basically, there was an update which meant that a large number of people could no longer connect to sessions or play games.

As you can imagine, this slight problem means that no one can actually play multiplayer so Ubisoft got to fixing it.

I, not knowing at the time, chose to schedule the tournament right as the fix was rolling out.

It was with trepidation and fear that I tried to connect to a test session and, to my surprise, it actually worked and I was able to play a number of games. “Excellent,” thought I, “this means that the tournament can go on without a hitch.”

Nope! There were a number of problems where people couldn’t be invited, couldn’t join the session or even disconnected during a match. This meant that for one bracket, only four people could actually enter the lobby.

However, I feel like I have to point out that there were a few people in the brackets I tried to struggle through who did not add me on Steam or respond to my friend request. Remember me saying that you should give me your Steam username so I could get in touch with you if there was an emergency or something went horribly wrong?

Something went horribly wrong.

The PC tournament is cancelled until the connectivity issues are fixed. At that time, I’ll hold new sign-ups so that we can truly see who is the Templar to be reckoned with on the PC.

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  1. Kinda sucks, but kinda happy since I just recently got the game and will get a chance to get in on the tournament albeit prolly lose on 1st bracket.

  2. Haha, fortune smiles upon me, no I can fix my PC. But really, this does suck, like 10^googleplexth degree

  3. I can’t even start up my game anymore :(

    it tries to synch my savegames for half an hour and than breaks down

  4. Well, since we get a redo. Could I suggest a change of gamemodes? I believe that pretty much almost everyone don’t like to play wanted in the tournament, just because it can screw you over big time. I would appreciate it if you could consider it. No pressure. :P

  5. Don’t worry about the turn out of the tournament….once again it’s ubis fault. They don’t fix the issues. I also ralized some ppl yesterday played with 1.02 patch. I strongly recomment to have 1.03 must have rule, otherwise it’s unfair depending on how ppl play.

    however we, from bracket A, wished yesterday at least a communication instead of just getting of and no message until today. I recomment having communication before and after via teamspeak3 (skype tents to lagg out the game and there is no push to talk). If a server is needed I’ve 100 slot TS3 server upon request available for such things, just give me a message.

    Lets try to continue the tournament asap the majority is abl to join the game and sessions without trouble.

  6. I agree about the version 1.02 players. A couple of time yesterday when I was warming up for the tourney I poisoned someone, only to get stunned and immediately killed shortly after. Such BS, because I can’t do that since I have the 1.03 version.

  7. The connection issues is very very messed up, barely any people can get to a game. I got thrown into a 3-man Assassinate, and one poor sap just became our pincushion. (un)fortunately, a low-level came in (meaning that there are just too few people who can get online) so they took turns holding knives in their stomachs.

    It’s a shame the netcode just went whack. As for Wanted….I admit it’s my weakness (I play better on Deathmatch, I’m just very defensive overall), but as for it as a qualifier….I don’t mind. Maybe less brackets/people more rounds.

    • It would be nice to add more rounds, I mean semi-finals, cause now only the very best in wanted / the luckiest people will proceed. So many quys good in other modes will be dropped.
      I’m not saying we should switch from wanted to sth else, only that you don’t have to be objectively great to get to the final round.

  8. @windraider: Wanted the luckiest? lol try Steal the Artifact. Total luck depending on where you spawn in the beginning.

    • @abompro: That’s not what I meant. I meant the best ones in wanted and those with the biggest luck in the draw. I know wanted requires much skill. Not as much as assasinate but still.

  9. @WindRaider: Ugh, I can’t stomach Assassinate. Maybe because I play stealthy, and therefore get ass raped every time I play in that mode. Deathmatch all the way. XD

    • Agree. Almost every time I play assasinate I get my ass kicked. But deathmatch is ok, I’m quite good at it :)

  10. Hey bin, I dont think I ever got a friend invite on steam or u-play, can you please send another request? again my username is alexyangsiqi

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