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I just finished two Assassin’s Creed Revelations tournaments. And yes, Binerexis is working on (eventually) getting another one going. You might imagine I could use a little break from the whole Assassin/Templar conflict.

But rapper Xzibit heard I liked Assassin’s Creed, so he put Ezio in my Soul Calibur so I can Assassinate while I assassinate.

At heart I’m still an Ivy main, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to practice with Ezio, polish up a few basics, and head back into ranked online play.

I still have a lot to learn, mainly some of the most common cast members’ mixups, as well as getting a better sense of Ezio’s own capabilities. I’ve memorized the most basic combos, but most of them are fairly unsafe on block and should be primarily used for punishment. I need to learn some mind games.

In many of these matches, I fail to apply enough offensive pressure, even when the momentum is in my favor, and give the opponent the ability to start mixing things up on me until my defense falters. In other games, I choose poor punishing attacks, often opting for 6B (forward + vertical attack) instead of 3B (down/forward + vertical attack). The neck-stabbing 3B has deceptively large range, significantly more damage, and leaves the opponent grounded and at Ezio’s feet on counterhit.

In other words, I’m an idiot for ignoring it outside of combos.

If you play Soul Calibur 5, I’d be grateful for any input. If not, I hope you consider picking it up. You might not make it to EVO, but it’s a hell of a competitive ride in its own right.


Ezio Auditore online ranked matches

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  1. What’s not to get? Press X to block, and if you press it at the exact moment of impact(and a directional button) you stun them.

  2. I barely get any of this games mechanics, too confusing. Probably because I don’t take the time to actually learn to the combos and play ACR way to often to enjoy any other game. Hopefully when I get ME3 I’ll actually play a different game for A change.

  3. Actually Xiphonii, what you describe being guard impact is different now — Press X to block is still the defacto way to block (And hold down to block an attack aimed at your legs/feet), but they changed Guard impact — Its now press back and all three attack buttons, -and- uses some of that colorful bar on the sides. People now try to do ‘Just Guard’ which is merely pressing X -right before- you get hit, which… eh, Think Street Fighter 3 parry if you know what that is.

    This reminds me, we gotta fight sometime Wing! My Aeon is itching to fight a half-way decent Ezio!

      • Unfortunately, he is pretty much bottom tier! He’s got -no- backstep, and all of his attacks move him in closer, but unfortunately, most of his attacks have massive frame, so they are generally unsafe. His damage output is impressive if you get the right mixups though, but I’m playing him due to serious character loyalty (Lizardman, I shall never abandon you!). Perhaps this weekend I shall try to be on! Hopefully, we’ll see!

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