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While there’s certainly a lot of videogame tribute music out there, you must admit most of it is terrible.

From the mediocre high school chorus sings Still Alive to the pitiful Super Mario Super Rap, it’s pretty much all bad versions of perfectly good tunes. The majority of game-based melodies have no soul or ride singularly on the musical power of nostalgia. Few pieces are inspiring in and of themselves.

So when a songwriter comes along with not one, not two, but dozens of original, catchy tunes that evoke the emotions of great gaming experiences, he tends to stand out.

Enter the Miracle of Sound.

I don’t know who exactly Miracle of Sound is, other than “a guy named Gav.” But he has great taste in games and a strong ear for melody. And while I could wax on forever about how his music has found itself stuck in my head for weeks at a time, I think it’s best you hear it for yourself. And when you’re done, check out his YouTube channel for more.



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    • I was online with some friends and one of them saw that WiNG was online and so we invited him to the party to play assassinate (little bit of background: I’m crazy) so he joined the game and I started singing the Templar Vision rap to him and when I was done he says: “That’s actually kind of scary that you’ve memorized it, something, something, I wrote the song and i don’t know what half the lyrics are.” It got to the point that he had to mute me.

  1. I like his Sovngarde Song, it was awesome. Take it Back was also pretty epic. This guy deserves way more credit than he gets.

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