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Last time on Top Tier Tactics, I posted a video where I squared off against the players of ACR Tournament Bracket A in a few rounds of Corruption. As you might guess, I won handily.

But how would I fare in a “death match” against the constituents of Bracket B? Would they, too, be corralled like lambs to the slaughter before my blood-soaked blade?

I won’t spoil it for you; you can watch the happenings yourself.

But the answer is yes. Sorry for the spoilers.

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  1. ‘And then Jesus said “Be righteous to one another,” and then He threw a smoke bomb, and He punched them in the face.’
    Apocalyptica 9:16

  2. Haha, this was when I was terrible at this game -_-…..
    I would really love to have a rematch exhibition match ;D.

  3. Refreshingly entertaining. Can’t say that vomit has ever nagged me an escape bonus, but I’ll consider bringing it instead of smokebomb.

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