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When I first announced the T3 Forums, I didn’t really know what to expect.

Part of me thought they’d be a dustbowl of digital failure, filled with empty, admin-made threads begging for comments.

Another part of me assumed they’d open a security vulnerability on the site and utterly destroy two years of hard work.

And a third part just figured me, the other writers, and Guy923 would basically be filling it with terrible memes.

But a few months later, we’re past 700 posts with a lot of great contributions from you. And by “you” I mean “cool people who may or may not include you, but are assumed to not include you given the title of the post.”

As for the people actually involved, they’ve gotten around to sharing a great deal of game-winning tips, mainly for ACR, but for other titles as well.

I’m certainly happy to see players talking, laughing, and insulting each others’ skills in the forums. And of course I’m also glad to be able to read what’s going on and join in on the conversation. One of my biggest problems as a fairly public gaming enthusiast is that it’s not easy to interact with the people who stumble upon my videos or articles. The T3 Forums are a great medium for interacting with fans, enemies, and spambots. Best of all, I can ban anyone who disagrees with me!


Come join the #$@&ing fun!

If you’re not active in the T3 Forums yet, why not give it a go? Just read the rules, create an account, and start talking. Strategies, humor, your bank account numbers and/or personal insecurities… it’s all on the table at Top Tier Tactics!

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  1. Speaking now is the amazing backup assisstant to the soon to be greatest clan in the world!! (or the lamest…)

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