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I’m not a designer or anything, but when I stumbled upon this NeoGaf thread about custom cover art, I was completely elated with the idea of replacing some of the more bland boxes on my shelf. For so long, I had bemoaned mediocre art, but it turned out the superior option was simply overwriting it.

Using the templates from the aforementioned thread, I made it my goal to create the most homoerotic Vega-based cover possible. Two and a half hours later, I believe I succeeded. And after posting my results to Reddit and GameFAQs, I decided to try my hand at a few others, with mixed success.

If you’re tired of some of the more boring stuff in your collection, why not replace it? You don’t have to be an artist (though it probably helps), the people at NeoGaf have already put together dozens of designs for some of the most popular games on Xbox, Playstation, and Wii.

As for my first attempts, see below:

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  1. That… is amazing.
    You drew those yourself in even fairly little time? Surely didn’t know that about you.

    I prefer Steam above box games, but if I had SSFIV, one of your designs clearly would come on top of it.

  2. Very cool :D

    All I ever did was a mock-up for the then-announced Halo Reach, and it was done for a school project. Mine was meant to be as realistic as possible though, with the ESRB rating and Microsoft/Bungie logos and whatnot. It wasn’t my goal to be super artistic – just practical.

    These look really nice :)

  3. I think everything involving Vega is, by nature, the most homoerotic possible. Including this comment. And, by proxy, me.

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