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Are you excited for Guild Wars 2? I know I am! I’ve been waiting for this game for many a year and hearing all the latest news about the game has made me nerdgasm and nerdgasm HARD. Seriously, it’s all over my keyboard.

But I couldn’t possibly keep all of the fun to myself so from 19:00 GMT tonight until I can no longer stay awake I will be streaming my entire Guild Wars 2 beta experience. The best thing about this beta is that it lasts all weekend so if you just can’t get enough tonight, I’ll be streaming on Saturday and Sunday too!

Of course, there’s one more thing to keep in mind: Guild Wars 2 is an MMO which means that you can join me in-game for what ever antics we can come up with! I will be playing on the Desolation EU region server, so if you have beta access and want to join in on the fun, you can!

In summary: 19:00 GMT until late, TopTierTactics Livestream, Desolation EU, my entire beta experience, all weekend, I’m so excited I may just crap my pants.

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