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April typically drags on with the boredom of taxes, mediocre weather, and middling game releases, which is why I wanted to brighten things up with our first monthly comment contest.

As I originally outlined, T3 will now be giving out free games to readers who share their funniest and most eye-opening thoughts with us. It’s all part of my goal to reward thoughtful wording over barf-inducing spam. Luckily, we had many comments in the running in the last 30 days, with excellent entries, voluntary or otherwise.

After consulting with my writers (at least the ones who replied to my messages), I’ve picked out our first two winners!


Funniest comment: S4mT33

‘And then Jesus said “Be righteous to one another,” and then He threw a smoke bomb, and He punched them in the face.’
Apocalyptica 9:16

Commenting on my most recent ACR video post, S4mT33 earned a hearty chuckle from Binerexis and me, playing off my mean-spirited jab at fellow gamer Apocalyptica.


Most insightful comment: Gadas

Actually, Vivendi has owned Blizzard for years, but have let them retain managerial control. After Vivendi acquired Activision, they used Blizzards name to help Activision. Blizzard was never “acquired” by Activision. They are both owned by the same company and are actually separate entities.


It’s very rare for me to be wrong, and it’s even more rare that someone successfully proves I’m wrong. Commenting on my fairly negative take on the Diablo 3 demo, Gadas put my in my place and settled the score: Blizzard =//= Activision. Frankly, I’m relieved.


Your chance to win in May!

While S4mT33 and Gadas may be walking away with prizes this month, don’t forget that our giveaway is now a recurring event! At the end of May we’ll be reviewing the best of what you, the audience, has to say.

So don’t even think of holding back your anti-religious jokes or your WiNG-bashing “facts.”

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    • There are higher valued achievements but think of it this way: It’s ‘only’ 15G and yet only two people in the entire world have it so far, imagine how impossible a 50G achievement is.

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