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It’s been a while since I sorted through all the messages that come in through the T3 mailbox, and in my opinion that just ain’t right.

Sure, there are legitimate reasons I haven’t taken a gander in so long: busy with work, busy with the blog (not that it shows), busy with rebuilding my PC… but enough excuses!

Today I want to share three videos from aspiring murderers who just so happen to read Top Tier Tactics. Will your video be among them? Probably not, unless you e-mailed it to me in the last few weeks or so.

Shade Snow & the case of the Pocket Spy

One day I get this e-mail from a gentleman named “Shade Snow.” Shade Snow? Who the fuck is that supposed to be? After puzzling over this for nearly two weeks, I finally realized I had mistakenly called him “Shades Now” for years. At least… in my head. With that little misunderstanding cleared up, why don’t you see how much damage he does when a faithful Medic decides to stand by his side?


9TN7T3 & the case of the mispronunciation

I can’t pronounce 9TN7T3’s name, but I can tell you his dedication to Assassin’s Creed Revelations multiplayer is pretty astounding for someone who’s just starting out on YouTube. When you get a chance, check out his channel, where you’ll find tons of pirate-powered pwning.


MrYellowAssassin’s & the case of the blatant IP theft

MYA contacted me about a month ago asking if he could name his new Revelations video series “Top Templar Tactics.” I was honestly flattered, and while I was on the phone talking to my lawyer about how much I could sue the bastard for, it turns out he had already posted a couple videos. So instead of pressing charges, I’ll let you, the audience, decide if MrYellowAssassin deserves to bear the T3 name!


Submit your own videos

Do you have something you want the T3 readership to see? Send it our way and we’ll take a look. If it’s good and/or bad enough, we’ll eventually post it here for 100k+ people to gawk at. If you’re a little too shy for that much attention, feel free to start a thread in the forums instead!


* And by “like you” I mean “like you except you didn’t send me a cool video”  =(

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  1. Top Templar Tactics is clearly a violation and I’m currently contacting the owner of the channel to see how much more he’ll pay me.

  2. I just got my recording equipment in today, so I’m excited to start getting my own videos posted on youtube. I’m thinking Titan Templar Tendencies… hmm.

    Seriously though, I’m planning on posting regular commentaries, then also collecting a metric shit-ton of fails (should take an hour or two, at my rate) and calling those compilations Templar’s Folly.

  3. Just recorded three games of ACR MP.
    As usual with my awesomeness, they were either me roflstomping “prestige” noobs with 2000 points more than them at the end or really good games with good, somewhat fair competition, where most of my deaths and stuns are only to be blamed on my own mistakes.
    I don’t have the time now, but I’ll throw in a bit of text commentary and work on getting them up by sunday or maybe monday.
    So be prepared to see some Dr. AWESOME Deathmatch.

  4. Does anyone know if a Dazzle would work if you have a projector that is a mile away from the Xbox and does not have the non-HD plugin thing? I would make a lot more videos if I know a Dazzle would work with my current setup.

    • Maximum length for USB is 5 mtr (dont know how many feet that is). Dont know the max length for the tulip cable.

  5. Man, I gotta admit after watching these, I miss recording my own videos for Youtube’s enjoyment. Too bad I don’t have anything to get footage from my Xbox games.

  6. Mr Chief,

    Nice to see you posted me here. Thank you for that. Still got love for the game. And for the ppl having trouble to pronounce my name, just call me eX.

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