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For those of you who still care about Battlefield 3, you may or may not know about PTFO: Directors Cut, a community event conceived by MassNERDerer.

To any who aren’t aware, it works like this. A bunch of YouTube BF directors are getting into teams of two and putting their skills, and names, on the line in Squad Rush. To round out the roster, each match takes two random viewers from the subscriber pool and then the games begin. It’s single elimination, so there’s one shot, and one shot only. Each director will be recording their point of view, and many of us will be streaming, either on Twitch.tv or YouTube’s service. I’ll be using my Twitch account rather than the T3 LiveStream, as it’s primarily my channel at stake here.

It all starts on May 21st, this coming Monday, and goes until there’s a winner. I’ve teamed up with Kulprit008, and we’ve been playing for the past few nights, getting to know each other’s skillsets, playstyles and personality. I’d like to think things are going rather well, even if the chatter is still very much focused on the game.

I would be remiss to mention the event without giving a nod to the sponsors, consisting of PixelEnemy, Machinima, Twitch TV, and of course, DICE. All of it’s been organized and constructed by the good people at Battlefieldo, with MassNERDerer both as creator and lead on the project.

For those of you interested, there will be weekly polls deciding which subscribers the directors play with, and I’ll see if I can add T3 YouTube subs to the list of possible Xiant partners. Visit the ProjectPTFO site to sign up.

Hope to see some of you on the battlefield!




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  1. It’s unfortunate that these kind of things don’t happen on the 360 or PS3 – I’d love to dust off my copy of Battlefield.

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