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Diablo 3 isn’t a hard game.

Or, more precisely, it’s a game that goes from super easy to very easy to kinda easy to possimbible. And such a slow roller coaster isn’t exactly fun to ride more than once.

Hardcore mode was meant to address that, but even then, what’s the point if I’m not going to die before the end of Nightmare anyway?

So, I decided I was going to Wing It.

On top of the normally daunting Hardcore restriction of having a single, precious life, I’ll be playing through Diablo 3 using skills as they unlock, in the order they unlock. No optimization, no synergy, no boss builds. If level 27 unlocks the three worst skills in the game, I’ll be running with them at level 27. Will this be the death of me? Almost certainly.

Additionally, I’ll be playing as the Witch Doctor, a class I know nothing about. So far, so good, the only thing I’ve learned is that Blizzard likes lazy stereotypes.

Episodes 1 & 2 of Winging It are already done and available for your viewing pleasure. They’re a little long, but to compensate, they’re a lot awesome. Enjoy!

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  1. “Instead, we have this sense of throwing spiders at people.”

    Kids. Never commentate on drugs. (Even when your wife is away.)

  2. Seriously Hardcore mode is no “harder” moder its just about 100% save farming. You will get easily to 60 and farm good equip if you know save farmspots. If you dont farm save you WILL die at some point and its over. I dont need this “adranaline rush” of save farming lol thats why I prefere Normal mode.

      • That might be true but I got 1 hardcore lvl 60 char now (a friend powerleveld me) and farming fells really boring snce you cant risk anything at all. If you risk something you will eventually die and the game is over,. Its not about dying matters, its about playing save enough to not have a risk of dieing. Ever.
        Which was kind of boring for me so I went back to SC but oh well its just about preferences

  3. The game is alot of fun for me and I played it legit with my withdoctor to inferno lvl 60 act4. I only powerleveld up a demon hunter as second char because hes just the strongest class to farm gear.
    I only said that HC was less fun for me than SC thats why I play SC. The game itself is tons of fun

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