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I wanted to get this in for the weekend before E3 insanity (and with it, Rabid Ferret’s) begins.

I’m always getting interesting stuff from fans. Some of it is thank you notes (you’re welcome!). Other messages are hatemail.

And sometimes I’ll even get a cool video or two. Or three. Never four, though.

Today we’re lucky to have submissions from two readers who want to share their murderous exploits with the world.

Up first is Toraka, whom you’ve probably seen around T3. His videos sort of mix my TF2 Spy commentary style with the bloody drama of Revelations.


Next, a Portuguese viewer named ERHARDTgamer sent this over for consideration. Sure, it doesn’t have commentary, but I think several tense moments speak for themselves.


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  1. In case you liked my first videos (Or even if you didn’t), don’t forget there’s way more of me on YouTube, including 9 more episodes of TTT, 8 of which are with voice commentary! Zomg!
    There’s also some The Binding of Isaac.
    *Totally not shamelessly advertising*

    • Just recorded two more episodes, plus another 14 minutes of sound only because I’m stupid and didn’t hit record again after switching programs to get rid of a bug Ubisoft didn’t fix in the whole damn time since this piece of game got released.
      If you like my quiet, slightly disinterested, clean language style…
      Well, bad luck. That’s 35 minutes (+ 14 of sound!) of me getting increasingly pissed at how everything but Deathmatch is even more screwed up. I think I’ve been swearing more than even Shenmue does in his commentaries.

      Whatever. I want to get them online, even though a terrible beast mode where I scored 4k and got both Greater and Extreme Variety isn’t on video. Maybe just because there’s some shameless advertising for TTT in there (I’m expecting the check by the end of next week, Wing!)

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