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Eric Lancheres, killmaster extraordinaire and author of Fragging Fundamentals has recently approached me to offer a special partnership deal with the Child’s Play Golden Charity fundraiser.

For every copy of his guide Fragging Fundamentals sold, Eric will donate $20 to Child’s Play Charity.
Additionally, he will donate $100 out of pocket toward this cause, regardless of sales.

54% of sales go to Child's Play Charity

Eric’s given me an advance copy of Fragging Fundamentals, and it’s much more than I’d have expected. FF is an extensive training guide to first person shooters, including everything from basic aiming fundamentals, to game-specific strategy, to workout routines designed to train your reflexes. Yes, I’m warning you ahead of timeyou may bust a sweat using this guide.

And you will pwn everything that moves while doing so.

Regardless, if you’re WiNGSPANTT someone who has only been moderately successful at first person shooters all your life and are looking to hone your game with regimented training, Fragging Fundamentals offers you a way to step up your skills while further supporting Child’s Play Charity.

To learn more about Fragging Fundamentals and to purchase a copy, click here.

Thanks Eric for making this generous offer.

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