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A typical New Jersey beach.

It’s summertime in the continental USA, and you know what that means: unreasonably high utility bills VACATION!

I’ll be on vacation with limited/no Internet access until August 22nd, meaning I will not be able to make any new posts or administer Charity Log/Steam Group requests until I return.

For anyone who will be donating during this time, or for anyone who’s just now caught up with sending me their details for the log/group, I still intend to add you to either/both after 8/22.

In the interim, please help me by doing everything you can to continue to drive interest and donations for Child’s Play Charity! While this pause is a minor inconvenience, it’s definitely a needed respite given the hundreds of hours of data entry this project has resulted in so far.

Yes, that’s right, the Internet is a machine that takes in your generosity and outputs manual labor for yours truly.  Hopefully by the time I return, the bleeding sores on my fingers will have healed.

Cheers/Wish You Were Here,


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    • Nope… and though I did have some help with Steam group invites, I preferred to do the update log solo because it entailed working with a lot of private personal and financial information.

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