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We know you’re on the edge of your seats to learn more about Assassin’s Creed 3.

No, not the single player missions you’ll finish in one sitting. We’re talking about the adrenaline-fueled secrecy fest that is Templar-based multiplayer. Well, you’re in luck for two reasons.

First, you’ll probably never face me online, so your odds of winning matches are slightly higher. But more importantly, Top Tier Tactics has secured an interview with the devs at Ubisoft behind Assassin’s Creed 3’s multiplayer design.

And although we certainly have our own questions about mechanics, abilities, balance, and changes, we’re sure you have things that keep you up at night, too. Will Smoke Bomb still be so powerful? Will unpopular but technically challenging game modes return? Will Kim Kardashian find the perfect shoes to match that cute little purse she picked up in the Maldives?

I don’t have the answers to any of those questions, but Ubisoft does. So comment below with your entries. We’ll comb through your inquiries and add the top contenders to our own list. We can’t promise results, but we’ll sure as hell try.

And because you’re commenting on T3, you’ll automagically be entered for a chance to win free games via our monthly comment contest.

What are you waiting for? Fire away!


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  1. I’d like to know what their stance is on making it a better PC port. I’m thinking things like:
    (you know we got a keyboard on our computer.. shockin revelation, I know)
    Lobby Browser
    (partly because of the Netcode I only have a good enough NAT score to play when I completely circumvent my Router)

    And in general what happened to the Steam Copies. I can’t install and play AC:R/B anymore (tried on 3 computers).
    I’m sure there is a way to get it working again, but I’d much rather just play the game ONCE w/o having to readjust all my computers settings.

  2. I love that the mp footage you used in your interview announcement was of the character I’ve decided is going to be my AC3 favorite. So yay for me!

    Also, if you could ask this simple question, I would be forever in your debt:

    Ubi People, as multiplayer games increase in popularity and strengthen their respective communities, they tend to acquire certain features that help them to achieve this even further. Are you considering, or have you ever considered, adding a Theater Mode to the AC games? If not for the single player, what about multiplayer?

    Oh, here’s another one:

    We’ve heard about 1 or 2 of the new modes, but what old modes will be returning in AC3? (please say Chest Capture).

    One more:

    Not entirely mp-related, but here goes: Have you given Jesper Kyd a raise yet? Seriously. Dat music.

    That’s all I got for now. Maybe more later – it’s 2am.

    • Okay, got a couple more:

      What maps (if any) will be making a return in AC3? Will there be a good variety, like in ACR (Souk was great for people driven mad by roofers, while Mt. St. Michele was a roofer’s paradise)?

      Also, what sort of improvements have you made to matchmaking? Please tell me there’s a way to exit a lobby without having to enter the game first! And that it’s easier to enter into a game as part of a group – I’ll be searching with a friend for 20 minutes to find a, say, Manhunt session, but as soon as she leaves I go to search alone and I immediately find a game that isn’t even close to full.

    • Oh – do they have any plans to upgrade the Assassin Network? It could be a great site to check up on your ave. kill score, K/D, how many matches you’ve played, your highest score for each match, your favorite streak/perk/ability, etc. But it’s in dire need of updating.

    • Ooh, another:

      The Training Mode is handy for finding new ways to kill your target, but it doesn’t help you practice avoiding your pursuer at all. Have you considered adding a way to do that?

  3. Are they going to nerf smoke bombs?

    How about a mode where there is litearlly no real way to figure out who is who in a free for all (assassinate without the line of sight thing)

    A function for automatic walking?

  4. What is ubisoft gonna do about focusing on stealth in the game and penalising those wretched roof runners and the like??

  5. First off, if you ask them to vamp up the hidden gun I will end your life.
    As for a question, what has Ubisoft done to insure that lobbies are easier to find? Primarily, for groups of 2-3 people, which currently are very difficult to find games for. Is Steal the artifact (not artifact assault) a returning game mode? What have they done to insure that the smoke bomb is not over powered?

    • Buffing the hidden gun I’m ok with, as long as it’s just in strenght and not in points. Because that’s what it comes down to. What do I care when I get gunned down for 100pt. 3 times in a row while my mates can stun the guy for 200 and escape?

      I use the gun as well as an anti-roofers tool but the long lock on time gives them enough time to hide behind a chimney

      • You’d care about getting gunned down every two minutes if you’re in a free-for-all mode. There’s no buddy to stun your pursuer to waltz away. All you’re getting is point-starved.

  6. Question

    – Will there be any extra attention to the PC version of the game? Because we all like better graphics, but PC gamers stop caring for that once multiplayer takes too long to get into or has connection issues.

    ( (I)/we want it to be quick and working smoothly, not being frustrated over and over)

    • Oh here’s a good one Ubisoft:

      What’s the point in having a game launcher, when you don’t have 2 seperate buttons for SP and MP?
      Just slap a direkt to MP button in there, can’t be too much to ask!

  7. Since they added the feature to throw smoke bombs I feel punished for my other choices. Will they finally allow me to throw my gun at other templars? I feel this would help make the gun a top tier pick.

  8. – What new mechanics will be introduced to discourage crap like offensive Smoke Bombing? Like, making the Detection Meter decrease if you stand in your own smoke cloud. Ask suggestively in the way of ‘it’d really be great if’ because they obviously didn’t think of that.

    – Are there going to be any bugfixes or patches at all? (There was ONE patch in both games relevant to MP and it changed ONE sound and restored an unlogical mechanic.)

    – Will there be cool new features to enhance social stealth, for instance, being able to actively steer where moving blend groups are going at intersections?

    • – Will the players be able to influence certain features in custom matches (For instance, making the storm on that one map occur every x minutes / never at all instead of random) to ensure a competitive environment?

      – What about a veto system that makes maps you dislike less likely, but still possible to be picked for you to play on, like in Starcraft 2?

      • – Will there be any major changes to existing technical mechanics (Cooldowns, timing windows such as Hidden status after exiting a hiding place and so on)?

        – Some players felt discouraged because certain mechanics, such as the kill range reducing side effect of Throwing Knives, were impossible to find out through just what information the game gives you. Can we expect to see a more accurate listing of what an ability does and does not do?

        (Yes, I’m a shameless number cruncher)

  9. Will Ubisoft be introducing combat/war-based multiplayer elements? We all love it’s current incarnation, but give us the option between old skool multiplayer, and a newer one that’s more in line with single player.

    I’d also like to know if they’ll allow for Gang Wars-style teams, so that you’re not randomly assigned slots. Sure, it can be good when you’re playing alongside the more experienced Templars, but sometimes styles don’t gel too well, and a stealth game suddenly becomes a game of “How Did You Craft Your Smoke Bomb?” It’s such a tedious, and frankly boring, loop that it should be treated as a glitch (although I do admit it can still be fun every now and again)

  10. I have a few questions.

    1. I’ve played ACR multiplayer since it launched, didn’t have the chance to play ACB but never had the need for a 3rd ability slot. So my question is why did Ubisoft add a 3rd ability slot?

    2. I’ ve seen that there were some old kill animations on new characters, will they be have their own in the final game or not?

    3. I hate when I start playing a match in the last minute. Will it be fixed in AC3 or can it even be fixed in any way?

    4.I’ve seen that Ubisoft has shown a new ability called Invisibility, or something like that. How will it work? Would you be completely invisible to other players, or maybe will be distorted in space to opponents. Will team players see you?

    That’s all what I can come with right now. Hope to see my questions being answered! :D

    • 1. The 3rd ability slot is only for ranged abilities like knives, gun, poison dart and the new disruption. That makes it easier for us to punish roofers.

      2. They said some of the animations are coming back, and there are going to be new ones. Kinda vague.

  11. -Will there be more blend groups or NPCs?

    -Are you considering bringing back AC:R exclusive maps rather than maps that were in both AC:B and AC:R?

    Also please consider taking away Reckless, making the RDM start at Silent, make Silent +200 points and Incognito +350 with Discreet at +50

  12. how about they better the chat system maybe add a group chat while in game instead of only being able to chat with the person who’s near you

  13. Will AC3 have dedicated servers?
    Will AC3 aim to become an E-sport? if so, how?
    What support can we expect in the multi player post-launch?

  14. Hey there, I would like to know what weapon the exclusive multiplayer character (sharpshooter) would use. It does not appear in the pictures.

  15. HI could you please ask which game modes will be returning from acr e.g deathmatch and infomation on a ac3 beta. thanks
    From Arcane

  16. Only really got one question I’d like to know about. Ubisoft place a big emphasis on the AC community with unlock events and their involvement with youtubers etc. but after the complaints and problems with AC: Revelations has the development team taken into account the ideas, suggestions and criticisms from the community who invest so much time into their multiplayer?

    Have they actively got their ideas on how to improve the multiplayer experience from the players this time, or are they just using their own initiative again?

    If they’re vague you should go all Jeremy Paxman on them.

  17. My questions would be:

    1) Will they consider buffing the Firecracker and trip wire bomb? They are very good abilities, but the very long cool down steers some players away from them.

    2) Will they get rid of the more useless perks, such as enhanced autobash or at least buff it, and could they elaborate and explain the new perks they are implementing.

    3) What new feature from the Single-player, will they implement in the multiplayer?

    4) What can we expect regarding the server performances? Are there any major changes from the one on AC:R.

    5) And this last one is more a request than a question, please buff the Hidden Gun.

  18. -will we get text chat? Almost no one on PC uses a mic and the few exceptions seem to have the shittiest mics so it’s impossible to understand what they’re saying anyway.
    -why do we not yet have a server lobby? How fucking hard is this?
    -what are they doing to make the game more stealth-oriented, aka I would like to have a Manhunt game that isn’t SB/mute/stun/die/repeat for 10 min.
    -why has there been almost no support for the past two games’ MP after launch and is this going to continue?

    • because Ubisoft never cared much for their MP’s.
      In the 3 years I played Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow there was 1 good patch, and this patch was called Chaos Theory and cost 50€…

  19. Hey Wingspantt! I’m interested to know If:

    Will Brotherhood and Revelations maps will make a return in AC3 despite the game being in a different time period all together.

    What new abilities will be available to use

    What new characters have been confirmed for multiplayer use.

  20. Q ! Will UBISOFT still place your character in a session when your screen still shows that your in the lobby waiting to join & you die bc another players join sooner?

    Q 2. Will UBISOFT still show a searching “?” in the portrait Target Info HUD & let my unknowing contract GET A “BS” STUN icon b4 I even know who I have as a contract?

    Q 3. Will UBISOFT still allow players to join sessions late in the game? I truly feel that they should have to wait till the session ends. Its confusing to know who is who & they get free rain on easy points bc nobody knows they joined bc the message box that tell you who has joined is so small & appears & goes so fast its useless.

    Q 3. just a thought about the smoke bomb issue… why doesn’t UBISOFT just limit the amount of times you can use the ability in a session & if the player wants more they would have to spend points to craft it for that amount.

  21. 1. Are you working on dedicated servers for the multiplayer?

    2. What are you doing about ability balance? There are many abilities considered much better than others in both ACR and ACB, but I’d love to see abilities so balanced that I can win with any set I want, and not having a perfect set for each mode (like smoke-mute in ACB Manhunt defense).

    3. Are there going to be new modes besides Domination?

    4. What are the changes on the smoke bomb besides the 80 sec cooldown?

  22. One of the most burning questions I have for AC3 multiplayer is the status of the detection meter. Will they keep the Revelations style “Reverse” detection meter that has to build up to incognito or will they use the Brotherhood meter which started at Incognito?

    It would be awesome if you could get them to address their plans on stopping or hindering the “roofers” that simply run on the rooftops the entire match.
    Thanks for the opportunity to ask question TTtactics! Love the website <3

  23. One major complaint during ACB was the pre-DLC3 patch. Matchmaking took less time, but became much buggier. Apparently the cause behind this was allow match-ups between people with a larger difference in their ping. Will Ubisoft continue with quicker matchmaking and buggier games, or will they go back to longer matchmaking and less buggy games (or find a better compromise between the two)?

    Can the SB also be thrown in AC3? That was one mechanic I was not very fond of.

    Will Disguise ever give the Hidden bonus again? I miss that from ACB.

    Going off of what someone already said, will they change the detection meter based on abilities used (ie, offensive SB takes you out of incognito, Disguise and Poison maybe moves you toward incognito)?

  24. I’d like to know how AC3 is working to differentiate this multiplayer experience from say brotherhood or revelations. Are they doing anything to make this version different?

    Are there new weapons or new moves, etc. How will AC3 multiplayer feel different from any other AC game?

  25. Did they actually change the mechanics of smoke from the ridiculousness it was in ACR or did they just change the cooldown?

    Maybe ask about which modes are returning (if they’ll answer it that is)?

    Can they make grounded finishes O/B instead of the same button as kill, so it doesn’t take priority?

    What will the leaderboards look like? more stuff based off averages, instead of time played (session score avg, templar grade, etc.)

    Will there be a score limit in AC3 MP? (ACR had 15k, then 20k…idk of any other MPs that limit the player like that)

  26. Just wondering what some of the game types are going to be there Wing. Also are they going to fix the fact that in Multiplayer, when you are playing say Deathmatch and want to choose the next game, it always gives the option of only 1 new game for your game type and 2 other gametypes, I think it would be a better idea to have 3 maps in your gametype instead. Thanks.

    • I agree, the fact that the only map that you can use for the next session with the same game mode is just annoying, the 3 maps thing would be very cool, like it was in ACB

  27. Will they include filter options when looking for games?
    Filter by for example ping/region/players/skill etc

    Will they try a more honest interface, like for example in HoN where you can see the numbers of people actually playing atm?

  28. Three questions: 1)Is Ubisoft planning on doing anything to confirmed boosters? 2) Is there a possiblilty of a veteran playlist, sort of like in Call of Duty for more experienced players? My ideas are a no gun playlist and no smoke bomb playlist. I think if you have this option a lot more people will want to play this multiplayer.

    • “1)Is Ubisoft planning on doing anything to confirmed boosters?”

      I definitely second this question. When there’s video evidence of people boosting, something needs to be done. But I can see why it’s harder to do it in a game like this then in, say, Halo. Boosting is easy to track, there. In AC, not so much, unless they happen to be caught on video.

      Really, the only way I think they might be able to detect people who boost would be to have a system in place that catches you if you get, say, on average, 325-35 stuns a session. No one gets that, no matter how great they are, and people who always do could probably be accused of boosting.

      Just an idea.

  29. 3) Can we get more ability sets? 5 is not enough. My idea is to use the Abstergo credit system in order to buy more. Or to get to a higher prestige level in order to unlock them.

  30. Definitely find out about the detection meter. I’m really wondering if it’s going to be the reverse detection like in AC:R, or switched back to the one in AC:B. I’d also like to know about matchmaking, like if there will be any new filters, and if you’ll be matched with other players with the same skill/play style as you. That would be nice :) Can’t wait to see the interview!

  31. So Ubisoft, have you noticed all the complaints from fans about Revelations, did you feel you went in the right direction with that multiplayer? Is AC:3 going to be a copy and past of AC:R, or will it be more like AC:B? Why did you think that letting people throw smoke bombs in the middle of their kills and stuns seem like a good idea? (Personally I liked the idea of “being carefull when you kill/stun”) Will we see more co:op from AC:3 then we have in the past games, other than the modes like manhunt, chest capture etc. What about a free-roam?

  32. Q: “Is there a chance (plans) for Assassins Creed multiplayer to become a stand-alone game?”

    Because there are people like me, who buy this game only for the multiplayer and are tired of buying a new single player expansion instead of patches. And I’ll forever miss Brotherhood characters.

    In my wet dreams, it’s F2P with buyable hats and stuff like TF2. Also esport support plz.

  33. I was wondering if there would be more customization options, like body type, clothing and maybe some facial cutomization? I’d love to see myself running around and stabbing people.

  34. Nice work on that interview WiNG!

    Here’s what I would like to know:

    – What is the single most amazing/could-not-believe-it experience/lesson did the MP Dev team learn between ACB and ACR, and how has this information being used for AC3?

    (Example: Was there a map that the devs though would be least played, and turns out to be the most played? Was there an ability or a tactic that the devs though would be overused but it did not turn-out that way?)

    Bonus question: Do they have any favorite AC replays of a great or lucky kill?

    Thanks again!

  35. Here’s a few questions:
    1) Will we get any multiplayer characters for playing ACR or ACB multiplayer?
    2) Do we get any bonus content on AC3 by linking Liberations? – I understand that only Liberations gets the content.
    3) Will there be any maps in cities, or are they all in natural places?

    Thanks ;)

  36. – Matchmaking: can I exit a lobby? When I search for escort will it actually continually search escort instead of putting me in manhunt?
    – Ranked modes?
    – More npcs/blend groups?
    – Will firecrackers get a buff?
    – More ability sets?
    – Is boost cooldowns still on there?
    – Ground finish priority?
    – Smokebomb, does it still have the height of post-patch ACR or ACB?

  37. Alrighty.. I have a question about the matchmaking for xbox.
    In both AC:B and AC:R multiplayer, it takes 30mins+ just to find a match. The matchmaking refused to let us join games outside the country (in my case, australia), and even inside the country, it couldn’t match us up.

    So my question is, what are they doing to improve the global matchmaking system?

  38. So many problems on PC could be resolved with the introduction of dedicated servers. We could have ‘no smoke’ servers, ‘no gun’ servers, and so much more. Plus, finding your friends would be so much more easier, and games would be easier to get into. I almost feel pressured into getting an Xbox for the sole purpose of playing AC3 multiplayer…that’s how much I love it.

    • Just buy a 360 controller for the PC and problem solved.

      In terms of servers for the PC, it’s never going to happen. Not only due to logistics, not only due to the extra time it takes but because there’s only, what, 8 players per game? That has a lot of potential for servers emptying or not really starting up. Plus, finding a server with the settings you want AND with people playing could be a pain if your tastes aren’t exactly what people are dictating is ‘normal’ or ‘pro’ at the time.

      Also, will the servers be player owned? If so, you’ve then got the potential problem of server admins. What if they go ban happy? What if they turn on cheats mid-round? Having dedicated servers in a game where the main incentive is to level up just isn’t going to happen as the potential to game the system is simply too high.

  39. Question 1: I preferred when at the end of a match on ACB there were three map choices with the same game mode instead of the three game modes choices that are in ACR: will AC3 return to the ACB method?

    Question 2: Since people who use SB+Poison are really annoying, why don’t make possible to use just one ability per time and not two abilities together?

    Question 3: I noticed that when I try to play with a friend who lives abroad and I try to join her match, in 90% of cases it’s impossible, so it takes a long and gets very annoying to connect with a friend. Will there be any implementations to this?

    Thanks WiNGSPANTT, you are awesome ◕‿ ◕

  40. Will there be an in-match chat system similar to other games where you can type chat while playing? Or even at least you can chat with others at the end of the match.

    I think that would be an awesome communication feature that Assassin’s Creed Multiplayer needs :D

  41. Will old ACB game modes like Alliance be back in AC3 (that was a fun game).

    What would also be good is if Knights Hospital was in AC3 too! :D

  42. Since the same prompt appears for both stuns and kills, and the “focus” meter fills in even when you are targeting your pursuer, will it be possible to earn focus bonuses from stuns?

    Thank you so much for doing this!

  43. Topic: Prompts
    Reason: Profoundly impacts gameplay and deserves real thought.

    The greater stun range in Revelations really decreased the potential for stealthy kills, as the hunted player could simply react to the stun prompt rather than figuring out which character was the killer. If Ubisoft really want us to use stealthy tactics, as the game is intended, then they really need to consider addressing this issue. Prompts is a minor technical decision, but one that has profound influence on the gameplay.

    I have thought a bit about this, and I keep returning to the following design:
    – Stun range (and hence prompt) should be based on the hunter’s approach meter level. In this way, a hunter who is approaching stealthily has a reduced chance of getting stunned simply because their target reacted to the prompt, as the prompt would not appear until they are well within kill range (a la Brotherhood). Conversely, a reckless hunter can be stunned at a greater range (a la Revelations), or possibly at an even greater range than kill range.

    This design would encourage stealth, but critically, it would not enforce it. Hence, I feel would be popular from both hardcore and casual players.

  44. Questions for the interview:

    1.) On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate mechanics implementation of ACR?

    2.) Wing needs to do a little research for this one – shouldn’t take more than an hour. But there’s an admin in the ACR Multiplayer forum on forums.ubi.com always saying stuff like “okay guys, I know you are constantly complaining about problems with the game, I’ve brought this up with management and they say not that many problems are being reported to them as are being talked about on the forum…” But this line they are telling that admin is an obvious crock. They just don’t want to fix the problems and their “there not being reported” is just their cold jack to say before they say they have to go take a piss and get the hell out of there. I’d research forums.ubi.com to get a more specific summary and then just try to get a reaction to the situation from the interviewee.

    3.) What is the deal with contract assignment in Wanted? After having played way too much (prestige level 22, no boosting) I’ve gotten to the point where I can tell contract assignment is giving the game to the person I’m competing against for the lead. Stuff will start happening, like I’ve got 3 pursues and the guy I’m chasing is the guy I’m competing against, and I’m his only pursuer. You see that once and you’re suspicious, you see it twice and you know the game is being given to him. That’s only one example of things you’ll see. Another one is you keep being given awful contracts, like your pursuer is directly in the line of sight between you and your target. Early in the game you can deal with that and try to get a 2x bonus, late in the game, when it usually happens, you’re screwed. Plus, they arbitrarily change the contract assignment algorithm on the server. The weekend before last (weekend starting 6/30) I’ve never seen so many high prestige players losing. It was obvious something was in contract assignment making high prestige players lose. It wasn’t just me, I was watching others lose consistently against noobs too. Thankfully that went away after a few days.

    That question 3.) isn’t in question form, but it’s not my interview. You can figure out how to make that into one or more questions.

    4.) Why was the design decision made to try to hide lag more in the game? Like when ACR came out, people were talking about how there’s a new free-running (I think they called it) system that was supposed to be smoother than ACB when you ran around. But I tell you, that new free-running makes it easier in animations for Ubisoft to hide lag. E.g., your pursuer can skip over more ground in fewer steps when lag is happening. That way it doesn’t look like he’s flying through the air and lag is so obvious. It just looks like he’s taking really long steps.

    Why go to such efforts to hide lag? I’d rather just know it was there. The nature of ACR is intense and often frustrating. I’d rather just know I was fighting against lag from the beginning so I know what I’m dealing with rather than to play a game and a half before I’m sure why the hell I haven’t been able to get stuff really going for me.

    5.) Some people are kind of complaing about stuff like Disguise not giving you hidden bonuses, being able to throw smoke bomb, it’s different than ACB and I probably would have made some of the decisions differently, but by and large I think Ubi has made good decisions in that area.

    Alright Wing, there’s been so much complaining about how buggy this game is, I think you got to try to get some kind of better response out of Ubi than we’ve gotten so far. It could tick the guys off at Ubi and you won’t get another interview so easily. But we’ll see whether Wing is here for the sake of his readers or for the sake of sucking up to corporate bigwigs so he can get higher profile interviews.

    I’d personally start the interview letting the guy flap his wings about how great the new game is going to be, blah, blah, lah, vaporware, blah, blah… Then go in with question 1.) to get some kind of feel for what his spin on the technical implementation of the game is. Then do some kind of similar stuff to what the other questions I’ve listed. If you do get him to give on the fact that there are big problems with the game, finish up the technical questions by going back to 1.) and see if he wants to refine his answer. Or, maybe he’ll be open that there are problems the first time you ask question 1.)? Then pull out of the controversial stuff by giving him a second to talk about all the great things they’ve done to fix every single problem in AC3. And end the interview by asking a question that prompts him to launch back into his marketing spiel for AC3..

    You got to let him drone on about his marketing spiel, which he hopefully makes as interesting as possible. Because, that’s what he wants out of the interview, a platform to market his product. But according to the old dance, what the good journalist gets in return is a response to some of the controversy. You got to touch and feel you way along if you’re not just going to be a corporate suck up. Getting this much controversy gossip for that much marketing for them, etc..

    I’ll be deciding whether or not to buy AC3 based on his answers to the technical merits of ACR. If he doesn’t acknowledge they have them, forget it. I personally could care less about his delusions of grandeur for AC3.

  45. will there be any preorder edition in the usa just like the uk or not? Will there be an online multiplayer character bouns?

  46. Can’t wait for the interview!
    So will there be any returning maps or characters from acb or acr?
    How does ambush work?
    Changes to contract systems in WAnted/Deathmatch?

  47. Have ubisoft considered removing the reverse detection meter for modes that don’t suit it?
    Will the hookblade free-running return? How about wall runner, which many players prefer?
    Any chance of an improved leaderboard, similar to the Templar grade?
    Lastly, will I be able to play on the same team as friends, like acb?
    Sorry if any of my questions were already asked by others

  48. 1. Will you be able to back out of a math before it starts, or will we have to wait unil the match starts to get out the lobby?

    2. How many personas, maps etc are you planning to have?

    3. Curious but are you using the AnvilNext engine for multiplayer?

  49. 1. Will you be able to back out of a math before it starts, or will we have to wait unil the match starts to get out the lobby?

    2. How many personas, maps etc are you planning to have?

    3. Curious but are you using the AnvilNext engine for multiplayer?

    4. Will stuff like animations, music and customisation be recycled from ACR?

    5. How do you feel about offensive smoke bomb users and will you try to combat or reduce them?

    6. Will roofing penalties be introduced and stealth type gameplay be encouraged more?

    Sorry if its late :)

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