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While I’m still away on vacation, I’ve had a few opportunities to log on to “the Net” and catch up with the affairs of the world Team Fortress 2. To my great shock, I opened my e-mail yesterday to find a message from Robin Walker, who had himself been contacted by a fellow named Benajamin with the following account:

Recently Nukuler of Golden Wrench 10 visited a server I was present on. Naturally everyone was all nice about his wrench and asked about how he crafted it. We all got into the discussion of The Golden Wrench charity. We asked if he had considered donating his, and after a discussion he said he really wanted to take part in this, and then proceeded to delete his wrench.

Obviously, I was shocked to learn that, in just 2 days absence, such a story had transpired, and even more shocked that Dr. Thrax (who goes by the pseudo Nukuler on occasion) had given up his coveted Golden Wrench on the spot.

To think that someone who had theretofore known nothing about the Golden Charity fundraiser for Child’s Play would just outright delete his wrench out of the goodness of his heart, believing it would immediately contribute… if only everyone were so selfless.

And while Dr. Thrax’ sacrifice was certainly independent of any conspiracy with me or the other Wrenchers, we certainly honor the spirit and courageousness of his action. After all, he’s already put his money where his mouth is, while all we’ve yet to do is make promises!

That said, I’ll be attempting to make contact with Dr. Thrax for his own take on this story. If he wishes it, he will be added to our wall of philanthrineers. If not, we still appreciate what he’s done to show his support for Child’s Play Charity.

My good doctor, if you’re reading this, feel free to drop me a line at your earliest convenience.

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  1. Although I have no gold wrench, and no money, I would like to help. Therefore I would like to offer what I can. This will seem feeble, but I am going to offer my (black and) silver wrench to golden charity. On the thirtyfirst, I plan to delete my southern hospitality, and, should I recieve any more Southern hospitalities, I will delete them as soon as I get them. If Wingspan approves.

    • Hey, thanks for the support though I would hate to see you lose your items! Mainly we wanted to use GWes because of the global announcements they would cause. The best way to support this charity is to get the word out and tell people about it!

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