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It’s been a while since I’ve played ACR in any serious capacity, but just as with last year, the Steam Sale has lured me into a game I thought was on the shelf.

Actually, Pixel Enemy’s Mark Remo was the one who hooked me up, ostensibly to ask for my coaching on PC. I’ve yet to catch him at a good time, but perhaps he can learn indirectly through these vids in the interim!

Oh yeah, and reader/watcher/tourney player ssonh3 sent over this marvelous music video. Enjoy!


Into the Labyrinth by ssonh3


WiNG’s further Revelations hijinks

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      • No, not Gamestop. I did check with them, however, to compare trade values. They would only give me $8.

        I went to Play ‘N Trade. I’m not sure how widespread they are, but they give great deals on trades. They don’t have any pre-order bonuses, but that’s fine. They gave me $25 for ACR and $35 for Skyrim. AC3 is paid for. :)

  1. I have a few requests WiNG.

    1. Play Xx EVIL ASSASSIN in Assassinate. You will lose, why? Because you are horrible at Assassinate and you need to stop playing it.

    2. Stop recommending the gun. Seriously,your Manhunt set is TV, Gun. The noobiest set possible.

    • 1. Everyone who has requested a 1v1 in Assassinate vs me has backed down after I told them my intent was to get First Blood then run away for 10 minutes.
      2. I don’t play Manhunt so I don’t know where you’re getting that idea, unless it’s from an ACB video from like 2 years ago.

      • 1. Ah, not everyone. I seem to remember a 1v1 with you where my ass was handed to me. I didn’t back down, but I sure didn’t put up a fight.

      • That sounds like the only way to play 1v1 assassinate. 1v1 would just make an already poorly made mode even worse.

      • 1. 1v1 Assassinate’s are completely different skill sets than actual Assassinate games, I was referring to an actual Assassinate game despite the fact that he would still beat you.

        2. Corruption, same thing,

      • 3. I challenged you to a 1v1. We deliberated for a while. Then I had to go on a trip which I told you. When I got back I messaged you and you never responded.

      • I had a few friends invite my into Assassinate. I absolutely hate the mode (and they knew it – they’re some pretty decent friends of mine), and all I did was shoot them, randomly throw knives at them and run away. Oh, and throw around trip-wire bombs. Still ended up third most of the time. That mode is so broken. Funny enough, they haven’t invited me back into Assassinate… ;)

      • The reality is, I am not amazing at Assassinate but neither do I really enjoy it. The main reason I was drawn to ACB multiplayer was social stealth, which pretty much doesn’t exist in Assassinate. It’s fun to fuck around in, but it feels more run-and-gun than I would prefer.

  2. Nice to see a little return to the old days. Always a pleasure to listen to your ramblings as well. Can’t wait until AC3.

  3. Hey Wing, have you found any use for closure at all? I seem to be at a loss when trying to implement it into a set. I’m curious to see if you have figured out any use for it.

    • It really is too limited to be of any real use. The problem is that when you use it, you’ve already initiated a chase, meaning even if you do kill them you only get 100-150 points. Likewise if you use it on defense, your escape will be worth at most 200 points.

      If you are afraid your target will run, you are better off using Knives, Hidden Gun, Smoke Bomb… pretty much any other skill.

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