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Not one to run from a challenge (I sure didn’t let the “DMV” tell me I couldn’t “drive” without a “license.”) I jumped at the opportunity to face off against other Duels of the Planeswalkers players from the official Wizards of the Coast forums.

The rules were simple: pick three decks, then play best-of-three, single-elimination matches. I wasn’t really interested in selecting three separate decks, so I just threw my hat into the ring with Ancient Wilds. Will this be my downfall? I guess you’ll find out soon enough…


Round 1 vs Meltankos (Pack Instinct)


Round 2 vs MEanBOb (Crosswinds)


Round 3 vs DuWease (Pack Instinct)


Grand Finals vs Cortosis (Obedient Dead)

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  1. I would have laughed in the semifinal game, if the opponent had used fog while you were saying this game is over…

  2. WOW! Great job to the both of you at the Finals. Maybe do a review of Liliana’s deck build next. It seemed effective against Yeva with all the removal. I know there are subtleties involved in the matchup, but a Liliana seems to be very effective against green in general opposed to a blue control deck.

    • Wing took some calculated risk during the Finals, which if he was more conservative may have resulted differently. Yes the matchup b/w Yeva & Liliana’s respective decks may not be good but there definitely is opportunity for both decks to win. This game shows you that there are critical junctions in almost every matchup where the right decision can make or break you.

  3. When you couldn’t find the Terastodon I was yelling “To your left, now it is on your right, it is right there!” My whole childhood of Blue’s Clues came rushing back.

  4. That was lot of fun to watch. Thanks for putting it online, Wingspann. I play on the ipad and I am ranked a bit above 100 in 1v1. I’d like to advance some more and that’s why I’d like to know what counts for your ranking/rating. Do you know? Do you get a penalty if you lose? Do you get more points playing high-ranked players? Do you have to keep playing all the time?

  5. WiNGSPANTT, the finals you should have nuked 3 of your own lands. You had enough lands on the battlefield and threatened 18 damage. An innocent blood would have made you sac a 3/3 and a murder + innocent blood would have still left 6 damage on the board and forced out 2 removal spells.

  6. Martijn, yes to all your questions. You lose you rank down. You win against a player ranked lower than you than you will not gain much or anything at all if the player is ranked to low. Conversely if you win against a higher ranked player you will rank up more the higher they are ranked above you.

  7. WiNGSPANTT, I also love me some Erratic Portal and I heard you explaining some of the awesome things you can do with it. But I did not hear you mention one of my favorite things to do with it. Attack with Taunting Elf then after they are all blocking the elf bounce the elf to your hand and replay it after combat.

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