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By now it’s common knowledge that Mario Party is bullshit. Some players have asked if the best approach is to try your best. Others have posited that sabotaging your couchmates in real life is the best tactic.

But in reality, no matter how “good” you are or what “strategy” you employ, Nintendo’s flagship party game is hellbent on shitting all over your dreams.

That’s why the only winning move is not to play. These Mario Party videos aren’t new, but I’ve recently stumbled across them again, and wanted to share them with every pissed off player.

Hey – it’s worth a shot!


Beat Mario Party by not doing anything

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  1. Wing, could it be that you are stalking me? Just days after I discover those, you put them on TTT. A day after I wonder about how to best mulligan, you make a video about it.

    BTT: The internet. There to make you feel empty about how you stomped those Easy AIs as a kid.

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