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With Guild Wars 2 officially live, you may or may not be looking for like-minded players with whom to play. Or perhaps you just want to butt heads with the likes of me or Binerexis (yes, he is requires by law to participate).

Well you’re in luck! I have founded the Top Tier Tactics [TT] guild on Sorrow’s Furnace, and we’re now taking applicants. And by applicants, I mean whoever wants to join from the site!

The T3 Guild will be a PvX group primarily serving as an in-game community for the website.

We’re looking for friendly players who’d like to travel the land, slay nasty beasties and/or other players, and share tips with one another, either in Guidl Wars 2 or here on the site/in the forums. You don’t have to be on the Sorrow’s Furnace server to participate, as other guild members can guest/host you.

Already planning on playing with other friends? It’s cool… you can be a member of multiple guilds in this game. We won’t hold it against you if you’re repping someone else, as long as it’s not Kotaku. Or the Krytan Krystal Keepers. Or Weapons of Mass Gaming  =P

Since the game has only just launched and I don’t have much in terms of gold, knowledge, or reputation, I’ll need your help to get this guild off the ground. Of course, you’ll have to join first. If you’re interested, just post your account name, character name, race, and profession below. Right now I just want a chance to meet and play with readers; I’ll get to the random, indiscriminate bannings later. Sign up today and let’s kick some ass!

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  1. I really like the fact that the game allows the player to be in multiple guilds at once. Very well thought. Feel free to invite me: gutenbergn.6893 , currently playing as a Charr Warrior.

  2. Heya Wing! Sounds like a pretty cool idea, wonder how big the guild would get haha….

    Account Name: Bilitherubin.4061
    Character Name: Bili The Rubin
    Race: Human
    Profession: Thief

  3. Hey, just so you know: Guilds exist across Servers!
    Even if you created it on sorrows furnance, anyone from any server can join!

    Soo.. count me in:
    Charr Guardian : Garl der Krosse
    (whoever gets the reference…)

    Might take a while before I accept: I’m currently on vacation – right on the 1st day of headstart :D

      • Ya, I just commented on it because a lot of players are confused with how Arenanet handles Servers. You could go as far as to say there are no servers, since accounts, characters and guilds are unique in the game, not their respective servers.

        I don’t read up much since I’m on vacation, but I just heard they introduced 2 new German worlds, because the existing 4/5 were all filled up.. crazy :D I told my guild I would prefer an EU-Server, guess I was right :D
        Ah well, better have problems with full servers than with empty ones

  4. Apparently, you only need the numbers if someone else has taken the name. If this is the case…


    If it’s not the case, I’ll add more numbers and shit later.

  5. Sounds great! I read your Mesmer article and agree with a lot of your points. Despite that though my main is a Mesmer and I hope they help out the class more later on.

    I just happen to of made my main on Sorrows Furnace, Excelsior!
    Forehand 8579
    Deklinn, Asura Mesmer

  6. pinkalpeaches.5817

    Character: Siduri
    Race: Human
    Prof: Guardian

    Not sure if that’s my main yet, but it’s my highest level. Definitely repping another guild and probably more towards the casual level


    Account Name: RamTheDragon.8276
    Character Name: Mizuka Daji
    Race: Charr
    Profession: Ranger

    My main is Sorrow’s Furnace as well ;D So funtimes
    I’m only level 21 though XD Hope that’s alrighT?

  8. I’m always down for a good PvX guild

    Account name: Crimsonblud.2978
    Character name: Ebonblud / Ghost Gear
    Race: Human / Asura
    Profession : Thief / Necro

  9. Account name: Crylic

    Character name: Zhi Sen

    race: human male

    profession: Guardian

    My home server is Gandara [EU] since my clan is based there, but once guesting and transferring worlds is up, I might pop in to visit.

  10. Account Name : ColdestOne.6324
    Char Name : BlueMaria
    Race : Female Sylvavi
    Profession : Thief
    Home Server : Aurora Glade

  11. hey wing, wanting to join, got gw2 a couple weeks ago

    my name is Forceinfinity
    im a human elementalist
    my account name is forceinfinity.4710
    and im on dragonbrand

  12. wing you lazy bastard add me, ive been waiting for 4 months

    name Force Infinity
    profession race human ele
    server raging tides

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